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Let Me Go

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Well, if that isn’t the gayest thing I’ve heard in my entire life...

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If you walked up to me on the street and asked me what the worst sound in the world was, I would tell you that it is the sound of the lunch bell ringing. Why? Because it’s like the first gunshot of a war, signaling the beginning of danger and chaos.

After being joisted through a crowd of starving teenagers, I took refuge at the table farthest from the cafeteria doors. It was my favorite seat, because you could see everything that went on in the room. Not that there was much to see anyway. With a sigh, I ripped open the top of my brown paper lunch bag. As I was doing so, an unheard of thing took place. Someone sat down across from me. Never, in the history of Belleville High School, has this happened. Any guesses on who it was?

“What is that?” I asked Gerard, looking with disgust at what appeared to be rolled up cat on a plate. Suddenly, my tuna fish sandwich seemed like the best food in the world.

“I’m not quite sure…” he answered with a shrug. I had to look away as he took the first bite.

“Don’t you have any other friends to go bother?” I questioned him. Yes, it was mean, but I was a creature of habit. He had messed with my usual, happy routine. Plus, I felt as though I was being stalked.

“No.” I was surprised by the casual tone to Gerard’s voice. Obviously, he didn’t care much about not having other people to eat his cat taco with. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one who was used to being rejected by common society.

While we ate, I took our seating arrangement as an excuse to look him over for the first time. He looked the kind of guy who belonged on one of the many rock band posters that adorned the walls of my bedroom. Messy black hair, dark, wrinkled clothes, unnaturally pale skin. Not to mention, Gerard was wearing more eyeliner than I was. And that’s saying a lot.

He must have noticed my staring, because he chuckled quietly. Uncharacteristically, I found myself fighting off a blush.

“You like to draw,” he commented, seemingly out of nowhere. “I noticed that you were carrying a sketchbook last night.” I nodded mutely. “I draw too,” he confessed lamely.

“Wow, if that isn’t the gayest thing I’ve heard in my entire life!” I giggled with a smirk.

“Well, how about this? I’m wearing a pair of girl’s jeans right now.” Gerard grinned.

I gasped, putting one hand over my lips in a dramatic fashion. Ducking under the table, I looked at his pants.

On the way up, I banged my head against the table.
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