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Chapter 13: Every Dot Com's

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I am not a lawyer so I tried my best in the court scene. I know it’s probably not the best. Also, I’m not a therapist, but I tried my best with years of experience of going to them.

Chapter 13: Every Dot Com’s

Tina and her mom arrived to the courthouse. They waited outside. A few minutes later Billy and his parents arrived. “I still don’t understand why he is out?” He mom questioned. “I guess he has a monitoring device. I just don’t want to see him anymore.” The bailiff came out and led people in the courtroom.

The judge came in and Tina was called to the stand. As she sat down on the stand, she seen Pete come in the courtroom and sit down. She was sworn in and the D.A. came up to her. “Tina, when did you meet William?” “September first. The first day of school.” “When did you go out with William?” “A week after school started.” “What did you do?” “We went to the movies and to a coffee shop.” “And you went home?” “Yes.”

“When did you see him next?” “The next day. He called while I was out and my brother told me that he called. I called him back and he invited me over to study for Biology.” “Did you go over?” “Yes. I went over and when I got there I met his parents. We had pizza and then went to his room to study.” “How long did you study?” “About a hour. Then William went downstairs to get some pop. My friend, Pete called and I talk to him. He knew I was coming home soon. After I hung up William came in and we talked. He wanted to know if I wanted to be a couple. I told him I didn’t want a boyfriend now. He asked for a kiss and I said it would be alright. He kept kissing and I wanted him to stop but he wouldn‘t.”

“Did you tell him to stop?” “Yes, several times.” “What happened after he wouldn’t stop?” “It turned into more. He took my jeans off. I tried to stop him but he slapped me. Before he raped me my phone went off. It was Pete. After the phone stopped ringing William raped me. When he was done I got dressed and left. I ran and was crying. I don’t know how far I got before I passed out.” “And you went to the hospital?” “Yes. Pete got me to go. He found me on the sidewalk.” “Did you shower or wash up before you went?” “No.” “I have no further questions, your honor.”

Billy’s lawyer stood up. “Isn’t it true that you asked William to have sex with you?” “No. Absolutely not.” “Is Peter your boyfriend?” “No, we are friends.” “Did you have a date with him after you accused William of rape?” “No. I went to a club that Pete was playing with his band.” “Did you ever say no?” “I said I did.” “Answer the question. Did you ever say no?” “Well, I said to stop and to let me go.”

“Are you sure William heard you?” “I don’t know. I told him a few times and I was struggling.” “Just answer the question.” “I’m not sure.” Tina started to get tears in her eyes. She looked up and seen Pete. “Did you yell or scream?” “No.” “So, did you really want William to have sex with you?” “No, I didn’t.” “If you didn’t why didn’t you yell or scream? No further questions.”

Tina stepped down and went to sit by her mother. After the next witness there was a break. Tina and her mom walked out of the courtroom. Tina looked until she found Pete. “Oh, Pete.” She went to his arms. “How are you doing?” Pete rubbed her head. “Alright now.” “I’m sorry you had to go through that.” “Why are you all dressed up?” Tina looked up at him.

“The D.A. called and they thought I might be called to testify.” “Oh, today?” “You don’t have to stay. In fact, you look like you could use some rest. I want you to go home and lay down.” “Are you sure?” “Yes. I’m glad I was able to be here for you.” “Me too. Thank you for the flowers. They were so pretty.” “Just like you.” Tina blushed. “Hello, Pete.” Tina’s mom came up to them. “Hi. How are you?” “Good. Tina, why don’t we go.” “Alright. I’ll see you later, Pete.” “Okay. Take care of yourself. You did a wonderful job.” He kissed her on the cheek. “Bye.”


After a few hours of resting Tina got up and went over to Pete’s. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. She seen his car in the drive way so she tried the door and it opened. Tina looked around and didn’t see him so she went upstairs. “Pete, are you up here?” “Yeah, come up.” She went up to his room. Pete was on his bed in just a pair of jeans.

“How are you doing?” “Good. Um, are you busy?” She couldn’t stop looking at him. “No, just writing. Want to sit down?” “Sure.” She sat on the bed. “How did it go?” “Alright. His lawyer is a hard ass though.” “Yeah. At least it’s over now.” “I don’t want you to worry about it. You did a great job.”

“Thanks. I need to ask you something. Can you take me to the therapist tomorrow?” “Yeah. How is it going?” “Good. She’s really nice and really helping me with Danny. We haven’t started on the rape though.” “That’s good. I can see a change in you already. Your eyes seem brighter.” “Thank you. What are you doing tonight?” “Don’t know. I could study.” Pete smiled. “I have some applications for college, but Destiny and Brittany want me to go to the mall with them. So I’ll probably do that.”

“Sounds fun. Where are you planning on going to college?” “I’d like to go to Columbia College. They have a music program. I’m also applying to the University of Texas. My dad wants me to. He went there.” “Oh.” “I’m just doing it to please him. I’m planning on staying here.” “That’s good. I don’t know what I would do without you. You’ve only been here a short time and I feel so close to you.” “I know what you mean. You’re my best friend.” “Am I?” “Yes, I would lie to you.”

Pete leaned over and kissed Tina. “Do you want to go out tonight?” “Pete, I thought we said we would wait. If you can’t wait then maybe you should find someone else.” Tina stood up. “Get back here.” Tina went back to the bed. “What?” “What’s going on?” “I don’t know. Just scared. I’m scared of what I feel for you. Especially, in such a short time.” “Why don’t we just take things as they come. Try and not to worry about things.” Tina looked at Pete.

“Well?” “I just don’t want to make a mistake again.” “Tina, I’m not Billy. I promise not to hurt you.” “You can’t promise that. I mean, I know you won’t hurt me, at least on purpose.” “I’m not going to push you. I’m sorry I keep asking you.” “How about we just go on one date and take it from there.” “Alright. Will tomorrow be alright?” “Yes.” “I have everything planned.” “How long have you being planning this?” “A few weeks.” Tina smiled. “I better get going. I need to get ready.” “I’ll see you tomorrow after school.” Tina got up. “Come here.” Pete stood up in front of her. “Your not leaving without a kiss.” Pete bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow.”


Tina walked into the mall and seen Destiny and Brittany in the food court. “Hey you two.” “Hi. How are you?” “Brittany asked. “Pretty good. Court went alright, but I never want to do it again.” “When will it be over?” “I’m not sure. The lawyers will let me know when it goes to the jury.” “I’m glad things went well. Patrick said that Pete had to testify.” “Yeah. He said it went okay.”

“So, when are you two going out?” “How did you know?” “When I mentioned Pete you eyes lit up.” Destiny said. “We talked today and we are going out tomorrow.” “I’m so happy for you two. What does he have planned?” Brittany asked. “I have no idea, but he’s been planning it for a couple weeks.” “I hope you have a good time.” “I’m sure I will. Where are we going?” “I want to go and get a CD.” Brittany said. “Alright. Let’s go.”


The next day Tina went to school and Pete picked her up as usual. He drove her to the therapist. “How are you doing?” He asked while they were in the waiting room. “Alright, I guess.” “I always get nervous before I go in.” Pete took her hand. “It’ll go fine. I’ll be here waiting.” “Tina, I’m ready for you.” Terri, her therapist said. Tina followed her into the office. “How are you doing today?” “Good. I had to testify yesterday.” “And how did that go?” “I think it went well. Billy’s lawyer was kind of rough.” “I’m sure he was. Some of the lawyer’s can be rough. Who is the boy that came with you?” “His name is Pete. We are going on a date tonight.” “Is he your boyfriend?” Tina sat back and thought about what Terri said.

“Tina, what’s wrong?” “I want him to be. I feel like I’m leading him on. Maybe I am. It’s just seeing Danny die and then Billy. How can I trust to love again?” “You do know that Danny’s death and Billy raping you wasn’t your fault?” “Yes, but sometimes it’s hard. Wasn’t it enough for me to go through Danny’s death? Why did I have to go through the rape?” “I know it’s hard right now. Maybe a few years down the road you’ll see some good come from this. I’m not saying you’ll feel good about it. But maybe you’ll work at a rape center or help someone else.” “I guess so.”

“Now I want to talk about Pete. What’s stopping you from dating Pete? Besides Danny and Billy?” “I don’t know.” “So, if you didn’t go through the death of Danny and the rape you would date Pete?” “Yeah. I suppose.” “Are you wanting to move on? If you don’t date Pete or anyone you keep Danny fresh and maybe even the rape.” “I want to forget the rape.” “I know. But sometimes our minds won’t let us. I think that’s what your is doing. You want to date, but you mind is keeping you from it. It’s telling you if you date your going to forget and you shouldn’t.”

“How do I get pass this?” “First, don’t shut your feelings. Journal. I know you write so that is good. And go out. I know you may not want to, but go. Even if it’s just for coffee. I’m not saying to start dating right away, but do things together. How does that sound?” “Good. I think I can do that? I am looking forward to our date tonight.” “That’s good. Enjoy yourself.” “I will.” “Well, our time is up. I’ll see you in two weeks.”

Tina left the office and met Pete in the waiting room. Pete looked up from the magazine he was reading. “Hey. How did it go?” “Alright, are you ready?” “Yeah.” Pete drove home. When they arrived to Pete’s they sat in the car. “Do you still want to go out?” Pete asked. “Yes.” “You seem kind of quiet.” “I’m just thinking of what the therapist said. “Was it good?” “Yeah. I understood where she was coming from. I better go. I have some homework before we go. I’ll tell you more about it tonight.” “Alright.” Tina kissed Pete on the lips. After Tina got out of the car, Pete watched her go into the house. “Now where in the hell did that come from?”

Pete went up to his room and called Patrick. “Patrick, I have a question.” “What did you do now?” “Nothing. You know Tina and I are friends. Well, maybe a little more than friends but we aren’t dating or anything.” “Will you just spit it out.” “Okay. When we’ve kiss it’s always been me and most of the time it’s been on the cheek. I don’t want to push her. Today when I dropped her off she kissed me and it was on the lips.” “And your calling me why?” “Because she’s never really kissed me. She has gone through a lot and we decided to be friends, but we are going out tonight.” “Maybe she wants to be more than friends. Just ask her.” “I guess your right.” “Have fun tonight.” “I will. Thanks for listening.” “Anytime.”


Tina finished her homework and took a shower. She decided to wear a purple dress with a white sweater. She did her hair and put some make up on. She took one final look in the mirror when the doorbell rang. She walked downstairs. “Hi, Pete.” “Hi. You look beautiful.” “Thanks. I just have to tell my parents that I’m leaving.” Tina went to the living room and told her parents. Pete and Tina went to his car. “Where are we going?” Tina asked. “I thought we would get something to eat and maybe to the park.” “Okay.” “There’s this little café I’ve always wanted to go to.”

Pete parked the car and they went into the café. They sat down and ordered. “Did you get your homework done?” “Yeah, I’m still working on the applications though.” “Are you excited to start college?” “Pete, are you nervous?” “I guess I am. I don’t know why. I never get nervous.” “It’s me. You don’t need to be nervous.” “I know.” He took her hand.

“Yes, I am excited to start college. Especially, with the start of this school year.” “I don’t blame you.” Their food came. “How is yours?” Tina asked. “Good. So, I’ve been really thinking of quitting college.” “Really? What do you want to do?” “I want to focus on the music. I talked to a friend and he is saving me a job at his record store. I wouldn’t quit until the end of this year. At least then if it doesn’t work out I could go back and just have one more year. Plus, Patrick and I might room together. His mom won’t let him until he graduates.” “You’ve asked him already?” “Yeah. Once we get the demo done we are planning on going on tour. That won’t be until May.” “That’s great. I think if it’s what you want to do you should go for it.”

“My dad isn’t going to be happy.” “Probably not. But you need to make yourself happy. I think finishing this year is a good idea.” The waitress came and took their dishes. “Would you like any dessert?” “Yes. How does a chocolate sundae sound?” Pete asked Tina. “I’d like that.” “One chocolate sundae with two spoons.” A few minutes later the waitress arrived. “It looks delicious.” Tina said taking a bite. “Do you want the cherry?” “Sure.” Pete handed her the cherry. She took a small bite and put her hand out for Pete to take the other half. Pete took it in his mouth and sucked some of the juice from her fingers. Tina quickly brought her hand back.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of done that.” “No. It’s alright.” She smiled at Pete. After they were done Pete drove to the park. “Do you want to go for a walk?” “I’d love to.” They got out of the car and started walking. They came to a picnic table and sat down. “I come here a lot to think.” “It’s very pretty even at night. Sometime your going to have to show me around. I’m still getting lost.” “How about this weekend?” “That will be fine. I want to talk about what the therapist said.” “Only if you want to.” “I do. We talked about you.”

Tina took Pete’s hands in her own. “Oh no. This can’t be good.” “Stop it. She wanted to know who you were. I said that we were going on a date. She then ask me if you were my boyfriend.” Tina took a deep breath. “I couldn’t answer her. I told her I wanted you to be. We talked about how I might not want to move on. That my mind is keeping me from moving on. Do you understand?” “Yeah. What did she suggest?” “That I journal and to go out. She said even if it’s for coffee. She did say that she didn’t mean to start dating right away. Does that sound okay with you?”

“Sweetheart, I want you to feel a sense of peace when we date. I don’t want you tense or worried. I want you to date. Even if it’s not me. Does that make sense?” When Pete called her sweetheart Tina got butterflies in her stomach. “Yes, it does. If you will wait I want to date you.” “I’ll wait. I did want to ask you something. What was that this afternoon?” “What?” “The kiss.” “I don’t know. I wanted to kiss you. Didn’t you like it?” “What do you think?” Tina smiled.

“We better go. I don’t want you dad mad at me for keeping you out late.” “Thank you for tonight.” Pete stood up and went over by Tina and sat next to her. He kissed her lips gently. “We’ll have to do this more often.
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