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Chapter 8

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Aw...Things get a little cozy and romantic...This is my favorite chapter yet.

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The room was dark like it always was. The air was still, and the silence was almost unbearable.
He tried seeing where he was, or what was going on around him, but it was pointless.
The room was so dark he could barely see his hands held in front of his face.
Panic struck him, and he started to shake.
As scary as the room was, there was something familiar about it. Like he had been there many times before.
He wanted to run, but he couldn't get enough strength to move. He was paralyzed in fear.
The only thing he could do was sit, in the cold dark room, and wait.
For what, he wasn't sure. Wait for anything, really.
He was oblivious to his surrounding, or if anyone knew he was where he was.
After a few moments passed, the silence was broken by the sound of footsteps.
Second after the second they grew louder.
After another minute, the sound of laughing accompanied the footsteps.
It sent chils up his spine.
He waited.
At that moment, he could hear the soft sound of breathing. It sounded so close. Too close.
He turned around the face whatever it was. He hoped he was just hearing things, but that wasn't it at all.
He was face to face with a man. His eyes, aswell as his teeth were glowing so brightly as they eluminated the darkness around him.

"I'm watching you."

Pete sat up in his bed and screamed. This was the second night in a row that he had these kind of nightmares. They all had the same surroundings, and there was always him. The man in his dreams. The person he had tried to place in his mind, but couldn't.

He took a look around the room, making sure his dreams hadn't come true. Switching on the light, he leaned over and looked under his bed. There was still nothing. Luckily his dreams were only dreams, and nothing else.
He laid back in bed, keeping all of the lights on in the room. He often delt with nightmares on and off as a child and as he got older, but none that terrifyed him as much as they did now. They seemed more realistic than ever and he couldn't help but think his dreams were trying to tell him something.
Trying to get back to sleep seemed useless, and he really didn't want to go back to sleep alone. Thats when he got up, grabbed his pillow and went downstairs. Joe and Andy were sleeping peacfully on Patrick's couch like they had been for the past couple of days. Pete had been using one of the guest bedrooms upstairs, while Patrick stayed in his room downstairs. At first, he wasn't sure weather it was a good idea to wake Patrick or not. But, it wouldn't be so bad if he were to crawl into bed with him just for the night.

Pete opened the door slowly and made his way to the bed. Patrick was curled up into a ball on the left side of the bed. He looked as cute as a teddy bear. Pete would have been more than happy to put his arm around him and give him a hug, like anyone would like to do with a teddybear, but things were more complicated than that. So he crawled into bed and laid down next to him. He spent a few minutes just listening to the occasional mumbling Patrick would make every once and awhile.

After awhile more, he thought it might be a good idea to talk to him. At least, while he was sleeping. Then he could tell him things without actually telling him. As weird as that would sound to anyone else, it made perfect sense to him.

"Ya know, I'm glad I get to stay here for awhile. I kinda like not having to deal with my parents, plus, i get to see you everyday."

Pete stopped for a moment and waited to see if he awoke Patrick by any chance.


He continued. "I don't know what it is about you exactly, but you make me feel ok. I wish I could tell you these things while you were conscience. It might make more sense that way. But i can't. I've tried and I can't. I really like you Patrick. I like you so much I can't stop thinking about you. And sometimes, I think i can hear your voice in my head. Sometimes you sing. Thats always nice. I like when you sing. You should do it more often. I guess i'm getting off the topic here..."

He took a deep breath. "I like you so much, that I think I love you. Like the real kind. The kind that can't be expressed in words. Maybe as much as a kid loves candy, and probabley pretty close to how much Joe loves Starwars. I know, I know, that's alot. Joe really likes Starwars. He's kind of obsessed actually....I'm...Um..I'm not saying I'm obsessed with you. I just like you as much as Joe and his Starwars addiction. Yeah, thats it. This would be alot easier to say if I knew that you liked me back..."

And with that, he closed his eyes. "Goodnight Patrick."
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