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Chapter 7

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The next morning Patrick woke up to find that it was only him. He looked all around the room but Pete was nowhere to be seen. He looked over at the clock which read 12:32. Way past the time he usually woke up, but he cut himself some slack knowing that it was probabley the most sleep he would get for awhile to come.

He got up from the bed and went out into the livingroom. Joe and Andy wern't where he expected them to be. After thinking about it for awhile, he realized that they could have gone home without telling him. That was the case most times. Pete on the otherhand, never just left. He would never just leave. He knew Patrick would worry too much if he had just got up and left without telling him.

It was then he realized the Bathroom light was coming out of the crack of the door. He walked a little closer and listened. No noise could be heard from what he could tell, so he went in.

He was puzzled when he found Pete standing there, looking into the large mirror that sat above the sink. He wasn't sure weather he should say anything, or if Pete wasn't in the mood to talk.

Before Patrick turned around to leave, Pete spoke. "I'll never be able to see myself again. Or know how well i've aged. Or if my hair is a complete mess."

It was then Patrick knew what he was talking about. He went over and stood next to his friend, and looked into the mirror. He only saw himself; not Pete. He would never see Pete's reflection again. It seemed weird to think about, and even weirder to see. It was just him in the reflection, no one else.

"That's ok. I'll tell you if your hair is a mess, or if you've still got that nicely chizled jaw a few years from now."

Pete laughed."Well, alright. But you know what that means...."

"What?" Patrick asked.

"You'll have to do my make-up from now on." Pete said, flashing his famous smile.

Patrick nodded and grinned. "Sure thing. Of corse, you'll have to explain to me how to apply eyeliner because i've never worn any before."

Pete nodded. "Gotcha."

The two of them starred at eachother for a moment, silently. Pete opened his mouth to say something but stopped.

"Pete I-" Patrick started, but was interupted by the front door slamming shut.

Both Pete and Patrick left the bathroom and entered the livingroom to see what was going on. It was none other than Joe and Andy.

"Hey guys! I brought us some munchies." Joe said, putting down several fast-food bags on the kitchen table.

"Mmmm, what did you get?" Pete asked, looking over the bags.

Joe took a deep breath. "Five big macs, four orders of large fries, a basket of mozzerella sticks, four diet Pepsi's, a large container of buffalow wings, a bucket of doughnuts, three tubs of mashed potato and a large order of doughnuts."

"Yeah, we over ordered again." Andy said half smiling.

"I got that." Patrick laughed and opened the box of doughnuts.

The four of them went and sat down on the small couch in the livingroom and began to eat their food.

"So...Pete. How're you feeling?" Andy asked, biting into a large buffalow wing.

Pete smiled aquwardly. "Fine i guess. Hey Pat, how long before i need to drink more of that stuff?"

Patrick shurgged. "No idea. It depends how you feel I guess.... I mean, if you feel like..."

"Yeah ok." Pete said, cutting Patrick's sentence short. He made it quite obvious he didn't want to talk about it.

The next thirty minutes was spent stuffing themselves and doing everything possible to avoid talking about their current situation.

"Holy shit..I am SO stuffed." Joe said patting his stomach.

"Me too." Andy burped.

"Can you guys make sure not to order so much next time? I think I might explode." Pete added as he got up off of the couch.

"Hey Patrick, can you show me how to make that shake? Ya know, just in case I might need to know sometime."

Patrick nodded and followed Pete into the kitchen. He pulled out multipal viles of liquids, a few cloves of garlic, and other things Pete had no idea what to make of.

After watching him for awhile, he decided maybe seeing what was put into the shake, wasn't such a good idea. He probabley wasn't going to be so willing to drink it next time.


So I actually like how this story is going, and I hope you do to.
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