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Chapter 6

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Patrick stepped into his kitchen, trying to avoid the huge sticky mess on the floor. He had originally wanted to know what Joe and Andy had done to make such a disaster of his kitchen, but decided it would only make him angrier than he already was, and would only waist time yelling at them for being so stupid.

He flung everything off of the counter and cleared room to set down his bag. He took out many items from the bag and set them down. Both Andy and Joe were interested to find out what exsactly he was going to do with all this stuff. They eventually decided to ask.

"Hey Pat, whats with the stuff?" Andy asked, looking a little closer.

"I had the best idea when thinking of what to do for Pete. So, i thought of all of the things vampire can't have, like garlic. I figured, if we could mix all of the things that vampire's wernt soposed to have together, than that might turn him back or at least for a certain length of time."

"So, sort of like a substatue for blood?" Joe lisped as he stuck his head into the bag.

"Exsactly right." Patrick nodded and instantly began to throw all of the things into a blender. He pressed the button and let everything mix together into a gooey mess.

By the time he was done, it looked just like blood, but smelled ten times worse. He poured the thick substance into a glass and went back into the livingroom. Joe and Andy followed.

"Be careful Pat, we don't know what he's capable of yet." Andy said, lowering his voice.

Patrick nodded, understanding every risk he took every time he opened the door. As much as he feared going back into that room, it was nessecary.

Joe and Andy waited on the couch in the livingroom and sat quietly, getting ready incase anything bad were to happen.

Patrick opened the door slowly and peaked in. He looked around the room when he found Pete laying face down on his bed.

"Pete?" He said softly.

Pete didn't move or respond.

"Pete? Are you ok?" Patrick took a few steps closer to the bed.

It was then Pete turned over to face him.

Patrick gasped at how pale he was, and almost dropped the glass onto the floor.

"Here." He said suddenly, handing the glass over to his friend.

Pete starred at the glass for a moment and shook his head.

"Patrick...I can't...I need...."

"I know." Patrick stopped him before he could say anything else.

"I know what you need, but see if this helps. I'll explain to you afterwards."

Pete took the glass from Patrick's hands and downed the substance in a matter of seconds.

When he finished, he handed the glass back, and rolled back over on his other side, so he faced the other way.

"Well....How do you feel?" Patrick asked after a moment of silence.

"Fine I guess."

"Fine as in..."

"No I don't feel like killing anyone, if thats what your getting at."

"Oh..Good. So it worked then." Patrick smiled faintly, glad that he could think of something that helped.

The moments after that were silent. They didn't know how long it lasted, or why. After quite sometime of nothingness, Patrick walked over to the bed and laid down next to Pete, wrapping his arm around him and pulling him closer. Pete did nothing of the sort to stop him, and simply laid quietly in bed.

"Will things ever get better?" Pete asked, his voice just above a whisper.

Patrick waited a moment, then answered. "I know they will. I know you will."

Pete smiled and said nothing else. Neither did Patrick.

They both fell asleep, knowing that this moment saved everything.
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