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Chapter 5

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cooking= explosion

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Andy looked at Joe, and waited for an idea of what to do while Patrick was gone. Pete was usually the one to think of things to do, and Patrick was normally the one to make Pete's idea's work. So, either way, Andy and Joe were screwed when it came to entertaining themselves. Unless Starwars and Playstation were involved, but in this case, there was no Playstation or Starwars related anything.

"What do ya wanna do, Jewseph?" Andy asked.

Joe thought for a moment, then replied. "Hmph...Uh...Hey! Let's make pancakes!."

Andy starred. "Pancakes? Uh, why? Why pancakes?"

"Because stupid, pancakes are the shit. Plus, i'm pretty hungry."


The two friends left the old couch and went into the kitchen. They began pulling out all different things from the cabinets, such as: eggs, flour, tofu, gravy, salmon, pickles, lettuce, and sugar.

"Hey, what if we used this!" Joe said, pulling out a can of Special Kitty cat chow from the corner cabinet.

"Yeah! And what about some of these?" Andy exclaimed, pulling out a big jar of pickled garlic.

Joe nodded and smiled and continued his search through the cabinets.

Once both of them had searched every cabinet, drawer, recycling bin, trash can, and refrigerator, they began to "cook".

"Alright dude, i think we add the pickles and the mayonnaise first, then the tuna and the nacho cheese." Joe added while scratching his chin sophisticatedly.

"Trohman, are you sure this is how you make pancakes? Aren't we supposed to use more, uh, I don't know; reguar baking things?"

Joe spun around, almost tripping and falling face forward on the tiled floor. "Are you questioning my authority?!"

Andy shook his head violently. "No! No, of corse not i just thought-"

"Thought what? That i didn't know how too cook? Because i'll tell you what mister, i know damn well how to cook, and if you don't believe me then i guess you'll have to miss out on these delicious treats of pleasure!" He lisped, taking great offence to Andy's judgement.

"Fine! Work your magic, all mighty pancake maker."

The two clueless friends cooked for the next two hours, sirring, adding flour, stirring, adding pickles, stirring, adding strawberry jam and so on and so forth.

Patrick walked in the door a little later, carrying a large brown paper bag.

"Hey guys! I got s-" He stopped mid sentence to look upon his mutiliated kitchen.

"What the fuck are you guys doing!?"

Joe and Andy stopped abruptly and turned around to face their very flustered, red faced friend.

"Well, ya see-" Joe was quickly interupted by a small flame erupting from behind him.

Andy pulled out the fire extinguisher and sprayed the white substance all over the fire.

"What did you do to my kitchen!?" Patrick yelled once again.

"Well it was Joe's idea-"

"No! Andy made me-"

"Shut up you stupid-"

"I can even belie-"

"QUIET!" Patrick screamed at the top of his lungs.

The room was silenced. Things got aquward.

"Lemme guess, you tried to cook right? I thought you would have learned your lesson last time with the whole icescream in the oven thing."

Sadly, this was what he called Friday nights.

Chapter five. hope you like.
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