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Chapter 4

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stuff happends. people wont read this. i'll cry.

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Patrick paced back and forth and back and forth until his feet grew tired. Thinking of a solution almost seemed pointless being in the position he was in. Never in a million years did he, Joe, Andy, and probabley Pete, ever imagine something like this happening. Yes, vampires did exist, but the chances that it would happen to one of the was seemed slim. Until now.
He stopped for a moment, when he couldn't walk any longer, and sat down next to Andy on the couch. It was quite obvious that neither Andy or Joe had any idea what to do either, and would probabley rather be doing something else; like sleeping.

"Ok, what now?" Joe lisped, keeping it obvious that he was having troubles keeping his eyelids open.

"No idea." Andy replied as he closed his eyes.

"Well we have to think of something! I mean, there has to be something...Right?" Patrick questioned.

"Just calm down Patrick. We've all been through alot. Why don't you get some sleep, and wait til tomorrow when we can all get a fresh start. Sound good?" Andy suggested, as he already started to drift in and out of sleep.

Patrick thought for a moment. He wanted to help Pete so badly, but he did need sleep at some point, and trying to help him half awake wouldn't really do any good for himself, or Pete.

"Alright." He agreed.

"We can sleep, but-"

He was cut off by the loud snore from Joe and the low sleep talking from Andy.It was now obvious that Joe or Andy wouldn't be of any help tonight. So Patrick grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch, curled up on the floor, and after awhile began to fall asleep.

He started to dream.

He was in a room, small and dark with a small light hanging from the ceiling. He couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sadness. Something wasn't right. He looked around the room afraid of what he might see. He started to hear the soft pitter-patter of footsteps. Every second they started to get louder and louder until he could swear whoever, or whatever it was, was stand right beside him. Patrick held his breath, afriad if he made any noise it would hear him.
Suddenly, he could feel something breathing on his neck. Startled, he turned around to see the most sharpest pair of fangs he had ever seen.


Patrick jolted awake, and sat up straight. He looked around the room several times, to make sure he wasn't still dreaming. He looked over to the couch to find Andy and Joe just where he had left them. On the couch, sleeping like baby's. It had been a long time since he had any nightmares at all, and it seemed unusual that he were to have one now. But, he did, and luckily it was over.

He rubbed the sleep from his eye's, and got up from his spot on the floor. He wasn't quite sure what time it was, or how long he had been sleeping.

He stumbled his way into the kitchen and took a look at the clock. It read 5:20 am. He shook his head, wishing he had slept a little longer, and grabbed a bowl from the cabinet above the stove. He poured milk and Frosted Flakes into it.

He began to sing softly. "Hey Tony, I like the things you do. Hey Tony, if I could I would be you. Your the one and only tiger with the one and only taste. You know how to make my breakfast taste grrreat. Frosted flakes are more than good, they're great."

When he finished singing, and eating, he went back into the livingroom.

Joe and Andy were now awake, but still looking sleepy.

"Hey Pat." Joe yawned as he began to stretch.

"Hey Joe. Sleep well?" Patrick asked.

"Like a boulder. You?"

Patrick shook his head.

"Have you checked on Pete at all?" Andy asked, joining the conversation.

"No, I was just about to."

"Oh. Have you come up with any idea of what we're gonna do?"

Patrick sighed. "No. Nothing at all."

"Hmmm." Andy thought for a moment.

"If only there was some kind of substance he could drink instead of blood, you know?"

Just then, Patrick was struck with an idea.

"Andy! Your a genius!" Patrick said excitedly, grabbing his friend and kissing him on the head.

"Uh...Ok?" Andy laughed aquwardly.

"This is perfect! You've given me the best idea. You always were my favorite." Patrick replied, putting on his coat.

"Where are you goin'?" Joe asked, a little upset he wasn't Patrick's favorite.

"Out. I'll be back in a few hours. Make sure to check on Pete for me. I'll be back as soon as i possibly can."

And he was gone.

so, um, i think i should just screw this story and give up. im pretty lost, and pretty sure no one will read this. ok, well, austa la vista babay.
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