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Mikey and Gee have a fall out and Gee tries Cocaine for the first time.

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“Don’t tell him. Don’t you dare fucking tell him.” she said viciously.
“Oh… um… Bob… Mikey.” I said pathetically.
“Get the fuck off of her now!” Bob said through his teeth.
“Oh right… yeh… sorry” I said jumping off of her.
I looked over at Mikey. He looked shocked and then he caught my gaze and ran out. I ran after him. Shit, I hated it when my little brother was mad at me. He had this way of making me feel so guilty, or maybe that was my subconscious. “Mikey… wait… wait up.” I said. He wasn’t a fast runner and I caught up with him and grabbed him by the shoulder. “Mikey… wait I’m sorry bro, I’m so sorry. I know you were falling for her it’s just I’d already fallen for her.”
“Yeh” Mikey screamed “Well you know what you’re welcome to each other. I hate you both” Ok, now I know he had to be upset, but wasn’t this just a little bit over dramatic. All I did was fuck the girl he liked and he didn’t even know we’d gone that far, it’s not like she was his girlfriend or anything. I stopped thinking to myself when I realised he’d run off. I walked home slowly. I knew Mikey, he just needed some time on is own and he’d be back following me around by this time tomorrow. When I got home my mother was in the kitchen making tea and my dad was sitting on the sofa reading his paper. “Where’s your brother?” he asked, making me jump.
“He… uh… up in his room isn’t he?”
“Uh… no… he hasn’t come home yet. Where the hell is he?”
“Um, I think he said he was staying at a friends house for tea.” I lied for him, if dad found out he’d just ran out without telling anyone he’d kill him and he’d kill me for not looking out for him. My dad was always like that. If anything ever happened to Mikey it was always my fault. I guess it kind of was. I a wild, womanising freak and he’s just a sweet law abiding kid, which I guess was kind of true.
“Are you kidding me? Mikey doesn’t have any friends.” I hated my dad sometimes. He desperately wanted me and Mikey to be popular and sporty but we just weren’t, that wasn’t the way we were. I had a sudden urge to stick up for Mikey. “Yeh he has. He’s got me. I’m all he needs.”
“And that other friend right?” he said smiling.
“Yeh, right and the other guy.” I said and then I ran upstairs to my room.

I rang Alexis.
“Hello” Alexis said in a frosty voice. She sounded as though she had just been crying.
“Hey Alexis. Have you heard from Mikey?”
“What? No, but listen Gee. Bob’s mad and I mean really mad. He’s like ready to blow a fuse. He’s threatening to tell my mum and that means we’ll never get to see each other again.”
“Yeh, there’s this rule that I’m not allowed to date until I turn 18. It’s ok for Bob to but I can’t. It’s so unfair.”
“Yeh but have you seen Mikey. He ran off and I can’t fin him. His phones switched off.”
“Oh, well that’s awful but we need to meet up tonight.”
“What? I thought Bob wouldn’t let you go out?”
“Oh don’t worry about him, I’ll sneak out of my window. I do it every night.”
We arranged to meet up at the end of her street.

“Hey Alex”
She turned round said a quick hi and then she was all over me. She started kissing me and feeling me all over. She looked and felt amazing but I had to pull away. “You cold?” I asked as an excuse. She had to be. She was wearing a tiny black dress that you could nearly see the bottom of her arse through and it was low cut, really low cut. She was also wearing these really kinky PVC leather boots that went just above the knee. She avoided my question. “I wanna take you somewhere you’ve never been before.”
She dragged me only a couple of metres away to where a crappy car was parked. Three people got out of the car, two guys and one girl.
“Gee this is Steve, Leah and Skinner. Guys this is my boyfriend Gee.” It felt so good to be called her boyfriend.

I stumbled up the stairs. The good effects of the cocaine were wearing off and I was starting to feel ill. I stumbled up a few more steps only to see Mikey standing at the top of the stairs with an angry look on his face. I offered him my hand, expecting him to drag me up the last few steps but he just looked at me and walked off. I limped up the next few steps and crawled into my bedroom eventually collapsing on to my bed and passing out.

I woke up and opened my eyes. The bright strip of light coming through the curtains burned my eyes, I shielded them and pulled myself off the bed. I came out of my room and went down stairs, my mum was in the kitchen making coffee. “Where’s Mikey?” I asked her.
“He went to school a while ago” She answered. I couldn’t believe he’d gone to school without me. We’d always gone to school together except when we were ill. I suddenly remembered about last night. I had gone to this dirty rock club with Alex and her seedy looking friends. Alex had persuaded me to try some coke so I did. The rest was a blur until I remember stumbling home and passing out. I hoped Alex had coped ok without me. I grabbed a cup of coffee and downed it and left for school.
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