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I'm Not Okay

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Gee's fallen for Alex hard. Can he help her?

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“Are you sure this is it?” Mikey asked me for the zillionth time.
“Fuck Mikey, I’ve already said it is haven’t I? This is the address Mom gave us Look.” I shoved the screwed up piece of white paper in his hand. “Well where the fuck are they then? we’ve been waiting outside for like 15 minutes.” Mikey sounded irritated. The awkward door opened and two figures appeared on the front porch. One was the figure of Bob and the other the figure of Alexis. “Finally, where the fuck have you two been?” Mikey nudged me, so who cares if I wasn’t Mr polite like him?
“Sorry” Bob said shyly, avoiding my eyes “We were… Alexis had to straighten her hair.” I looked over at Alexis and saw she was wearing a rather strange outfit. She was wearing a black camisole, black knee length leggings, biker boots that came to just below her leggings and a bright yellow tutu. Hardly something you should wear on the first day of school. She looked so weird, beautiful, but weird. “Hey Mikey, hey Gee.” She said simply. We let Mikey and Bob walk on ahead and started talking. “Hey Alex, you know about last night? Well, what did it mean to you?”
She stopped abruptly and turned to me “Are you falling for me Gerard Way?” She asked. It was a simple question but I couldn’t answer it. I’d only know the chick for a day and already she was playing with my mind. I’d treated girls like dirt before and didn’t give a shit about them but she was different. Alexis Bryar was special. “I…I…suppose…yes I… am” I stammered. She gave me an evil little smile and then the saddest look I had ever seen. A look that made me want to hold her and never let go. “Don’t” she said.
“I… what?” I still couldn’t get the words out of my mouth properly.
“Don’t fall for me Gee. I won’t let you. You don’t understand, I’m dangerous and I hurt the people I love. Don’t get involved with me. Get out while you still can.”
“I… I can’t, sorry Alexis you took the most precious thing I had. I can’t just forget about you. I think I’ll decide if I’m gunna get involved with you. I’m a big boy. I can look after myself.”
She looked shocked but didn’t say a word. She just walked on and I followed her and we walked in silence for the rest of the way.

I looked around the cafeteria for my brother. He was sitting at a table with Bob and they looked as if they were having a fierce discussion/argument, probably about whether bass or drums were better or D&D or grand theft auto or whatever mindlessly violent video game I bet Bob played. “Hey guys where’s Alexis.” They both shrugged. Great fucking brother Bob was eh? I looked for her for ages and finally found her sitting underneath and old oak tree. “Hey Alex, what’re you doing sitting here?”
“It’s peaceful” she said simply.
“Ri-gh-t.” I said as I sat down next to her. “Do you want to share my lunch?”
She shook her head. “How were your first lessons?” I asked her, concerned.
“I didn’t go.” Wow. What a rebel!
I took the hair out of her eyes and kissed her on the cheek. Her dead eyes started sparkling emerald again. “Oh Gee” she said, burying her head into my chest, crying.
“It’s ok” I said holding her close. “I’m here. Sh. It’s ok, I promise.” We sat there for another 15 minutes until the bell rang for fifth period. I got up to leave. “Stay with me?” she asked. I looked down at her, she seemed so small and helpless. A completely different person from the hardcore chick I had met only yesterday. “Ok.” I said quietly, and sat down beside her. A considerable amount of time passed before she spoke. “I love you Gerard.” she said. I looked at her sitting there, she was looking into my eyes. Her eyes were all full of hope, like a little kid running down the stairs on Christmas Day. “I love you too” I said.

We met up with Bob and Mikey in front of the school. We said our greetings and set off for home.
“Hey, how many emo’s does it take to change a little bulb?” I heard a voice coming from the other side of the street. “None” another voice said “they just sit there in the dark and cry” the guy mimed crying. The guys at the other side of the street were Brad and Charlie. The two most popular jocks in school. Brad was head of the football team. “I’ve got a good one.” Brad spoke “What’s the difference between an emo kid and a dead baby? The baby doesn’t cry.” Both Charlie and Brad started howling with laughter. It was a pathetic sight to see those two nearly wetting themselves with laughter. I laughed it off but Alexis looked as if she was going to kill them. She went over to them and started shoving Brad all over the place. He was squirming like a girl “Ew, get off me emo freak. I might catch a disease.”
“Aw what a shame and you’d so die cause there’s no vaccine against stupidity!” she screamed. She started kicking and punching him. She was surprisingly strong for a girl and considering Brad was captain of the football team, she fucking owned the fight. She was on top of him now and punching the shit out of him. Me Bob and Mikey ran over and it took all three of us and Charlie to get her off him. It was Bob who finally did manage to peel her off of him. “Alex” he screamed struggling to contain her “Alex get the fuck off him, he’s not worth it.” She stopped and stormed off. I followed her.

She was running really fast so I had a job catching up with her. By the time I was back at her house I was so out of breath I had to stop and wait a minute. When I did catch my breath I knocked on the door and a seedy looking man answered. “Hey” I said “Is Alex in?”
“Yeh, she’s upstairs in her room” he answered.
“Is she ok?”
The man just shrugged and went away leaving the door open. I assumed I had to go in. I went up the stairs and saw a door straight in front of me, it had one of those parental advisory posters on it so I assumed it was Alex’s. I crept in quietly not making a sound and looked around. The room was fully black and it had pictures of different interpretations of the devil in and lots of pictures of angels with their throat cut and shit like that. I saw her in the corner of the room. Her back was turned but as I moved closer I could see she was cutting her wrists. “Alexis NO!” I shouted. She jumped up throwing the knife in the air.
“Gerard, what the fuck are you doing here?” she asked me.
“I came too see if you were ok”
“No I’m not o- fucking- kay. Gee, just get out of here.” I walked up to her and grabbed hold of her wrist. There were dozens of little cuts all over it. I pulled her in for a hug. She grabbed me tight and started kissing me. She threw me on the bed and I started feeling her up. Before I knew it, someone had entered the room. It was Bob and Mikey. “Alex, Gerard what the hell?”
Please R&R. Sorry I don’t live in America so I don’t know what an American high school is like.
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