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Be The First To Say I'm Sorry

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Tell the boy outside to stop throwing stones at your window, or I’ll call the police.

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“I’ll be in my room!” I yelled as I rushed down the hall toward my bedroom. It was Sunday afternoon, and I had just gotten back from church. As soon as I had locked the door behind me, I ripped of the blue blouse and dress pants my mother had made me wear. It’s bad enough that she forces me to sit through an hour long church sermon every Sunday, but do I really have to get dressed up?

Tossing myself unto the bed, I grabbed my cell phone from where I had left it last night. The battery was low, but I still had enough for a short phone call.

“Hey Gee, you busy?” I asked when he picked up.

“Yes,” Gerard answered sadly. “I’m at Elena’s.”

“Who?” I gapped, surprised. I wasn’t jealous. Of course not.

“My grandmother,” he explained.

“Oh. See you later then…”

“Yeah, come over around four. Okay?”


“Bye Anna.”


Four o’clock. What was I supposed to do until then? I spent nearly half an hour deciding, before reaching under the bed and pulling out a can of blue spray paint. Steven’s room is not nearly colorful enough.

At exactly 4:00 PM, a shiny black Dodge Ram 2500 pulled into the Way’s driveway. Turning off the radio, I hopped out of the large truck and headed to the front door. It was open, so I walked inside. Mikey was on the couch, watching Law & Order.

“He’s in his room,” Mikey answered before I opened my mouth.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, making my way down the hall to Gerard’s room. I found him on the bed, doodling in a large sketchbook. I sat down in the chair by the window, which I recently decided was to be my offcial spot in his room.

“Oh, don’t sit way over there.” Gerard whined without looking up from the paper in front of him. “Come over here, and tell me what you think.” I stood back up, and relocated myself on the edge of his bed, perching on the pillow and gazing at the elaborate drawing between us.

“It’s very good, but the nose is just a little bit too big.” I answered truthfully, after examining his drawing of a teenage girl.

“Well, that’s not my fault!” Gerard said defensively. “You have a big nose!”

I muffled a gasp with one conviently placed hand. “You drew me? Why?”

“Because I think you’re beautiful,” Gerard answered, somewhat awkwardly and a luittle plainly.

His answer caused me to raise an eyebrow, but I didn’t have long to ponder upon it, as he leaned over and pressed his soft lips to mine. I pulled away quickly, stunned.

“I’m sorry…” Gerard murmured, realizing what he had done. “I shouldn’t have….”

“You’re sorry?” I questioned, slightly hurt. “You say that like what just happened was a mistake…”
my voice made my confusion obvious.

“It was.”

That was over an hour ago. I had jumped up and left, driving home too quickly, tears stinging my eyes. The worst part was, I wasn’t sure why I was crying. I had just met Gerard a week ago, I couldn’t possibly like him already! Yeah, sure, he was extremely good looking, and nice, and funny, and, and… okay, maybe I did like him. Still, I haven’t cried since I was seven!

Now, I was lying on my own bed, door locked, blinds closed to the bright sun. Stupid sun. What right did it to be all happy and cheerful?

“Anna,” My mother tapped on my door. “Don’t you want supper?”

“No!” I yelled. “Leave me alone!”

“Okay then,” she sighed. “But tell the boy outside to stop throwing stones at your window, or I’ll call the police.”
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