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1/2 of the double updates

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Chapter 72-

I woke up the next morning and I was – excited?

Excited? What the fuck?

I was happy to go to school, and I was ready to go half an hour earlier than usual.

Now that’s weird.

I skipped down the road towards the school. And secretly squealed on the inside when I stepped foot into the school grounds.

-What the fuck is happening to me?

The answer was right in front of me – literally, but I chose to ignore it.

“Hello? Rachel?” Frank sang as he waved a hand in front of my face.

I snapped out of it and smiled faintly.

“Yeah, hi.” Frank said sarcastically.

“Hey Frankie! Haven’t seen you in ages! How you been?!” I screamed, finally realizing and jumping onto Frank.

“I’ve been good. Considering the terrible cold I had.” Frank giggled.

“Oh boo fucking hoo. It was barley even a cold. You just didn’t want to come to school, and your Mum being so awesome, let you stay home.” Mikey said somewhere in the distance.

“It was so a fucking cold. I had medication and all!” Frank defended, getting up after I got off him.

“You don’t take medication for colds Frank.” I said dully.

“Medication for the ADD!!” Gerard screamed as he ran past Mikey, approaching us quickly.

I smirked when I felt everyone around me tense up.

Frank looked down, defeated.

I turned around quickly when I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder.

“BOBERT!” I squealed as I turned and saw the person that the hand belonged to.

“We saw each other yesterday, it hasn’t been that long.” Bob laughed as he accepted my enthusiastic hug.

“She’s unusually hyper this morning.” Tegan muttered to Scarlet.

“She’s always hyper, what are you on about?” Scarlet asked.

“Lately.” Tegan said simply, causing Scarlet to nod in know then shrug in confusion.

“Rachel! What the fuck are you doing?! You’re going to fucking kill yourself!” Ray and Scarlet screeched together as they saw me making an attempt to climb a nearby tree.

“I wanna go in the tree!” I whined as Bob came up behind me and tried to drag me away from the tall tree.

“No! You’ll fall!” Bob growled.

“Come on!” I continued to whine as Scarlet came over and began to help Bob get me down and off the tree as I held a tight grip on it.

Scarlet and Bob proved to be stronger than me when all three of us came crashing down to the floor.

“Fuck you.” I huffed, being crushed under Scarlet’s weight.

“Get off me!” I screamed, trying to push her off me.

“Wait a fucking minute!” Scarlet screamed back.

I narrowed my eyes at her and waited a whole ten seconds until she decided to drag her fat ass off me.

I got up-with the help of Tegan, and brushed myself off.

“Bitch.” I muttered at Scarlet.

“Whore!” Scarlet screamed back, shoving me into the tree.

In the corner of my eye I saw Kara walking past with a few of her loyal followers.

“And speaking of whores!” I shouted, clearing directing my comment towards Kara.

“You wanna come over here and say that?!” Kara screamed at me.

“With fucking pleasure.” I said to myself as I made a move towards her.

“AH! No. No Rachel. No. Not now.” Scarlet said loudly, grabbing a fist full of my shirt.

I turned my head at her and pouted angrily at her.

“Friday.” Scarlet reminded me in my ear.

Scarlet let go of me as I let an evil smirk wash across my face.

I did a little dance and watched Kara angrily start walking again, as the people around me that I called friends eye me worriedly.

I guess I was acting a bit strange this morning.

But then again, I haven’t been this happy in a while.
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