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The Plan

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Chapter 73-

Friday. The day I had been waiting for.

It came slower than I would’ve liked it to.
But it was like something you look forward to, like a holiday, you counted down the days, the hours, even the minutes until it finally came.

And now it was here.

I was anxious for the day to be over, so Scarlet could get to my house and I could unravel my plan.

I looked over at Kara, smiling evilly.

The bitch had no idea what she had coming for her.


“Okay. So the party starts at six, but we want them to settle in and get drunk a bit first. Makes everything easier. So we’ll make our way to the party at ten and hopefully get there by twenty past.” I explained.

“I feel like a CIA agent.” Scarlet said blankly.

“You should. Cause this is some serious shit; we can’t afford to fuck up. Understand?” I said toughly.

Scarlet nodded.

“Good. Now I’ve drawn a rough map of the surroundings of the party and marked out our entry route and our escape route, which will be two different routes.” I said, rolling out a big piece of paper where I had sketched out our map.

“Now, the way we’ll be getting there, is we’ll jump over my back fence and walk through the back street, going the back way to the park. Yeah, it’s the longer way, but it secures us a definite way that we won’t get spotted. We make the back street and go through the pub, then we’ll be at the park, where we take a right turn at Short Street and it’s the third house on the left. We’ll walk in casually through the front, since it’s a house party, and find Kara. Where I’ll have a talk with her.” I explained, pointing at various spots on the map.

“And our way out is, we walk out the back door and walk through to the front, the more casual we are the better, it’s bad enough we’ll most likely have Kara after us. Instead of going back the way we came, we turn left out the front of the house and walk down the rest of Short Street. We turn right at the end of the street and walk until we get to the back part of the lake. We jump the fence, and hope we don’t actually fall in the lake and walk up the bank until we get to our familiar place of setting. You should know the way back to my place from there.” I said.

“Okay, so are we clear?” I questioned.

Scarlet scrunched up her face but nodded.

“Study the map, I’ve marked out the different routes in different colours. Make sure you know where to go and when, we can’t afford to fuck up. There’ll be people there that we shouldn’t mess with.” I said seriously, sliding the paper over to her.

Scarlet looked up at me and smiled cheekily.

“This is going to rock.” Scarlet smirked.

“Damn right it is.” I agreed.

“Tomorrow Operation Kara goes into full force.” I said evilly, slapping my hands together dramatically.
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