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Amy comes home to some big news!

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The rest of the week had passed quickly. It was really fun staying with Gerard and Mikey. We had a blast staying up all night and watching scary movies. But it was sunday, which ment we were heading back to NJSC. it was about 7:30 am and Gerard and Mikey where waiting for me.

"Thanks for taking care of me this week." I thanked Donna who was standing at the doorway.

"My plesure darling. I hope everything goes well with you're uncle." He answered kindly. I only hoped.

The horn of the car went off.

"Hurry up!" gerard yelled out of the window.

I thanked Donna again and waddled to the car with my little suitcase.

"Took yah long enough." Mikey said helping me shove my suitcase in the boot of the car. Me and Mikey took the backseat again while Gerard drove.

"So how do you know you're uncle is gone?" Gerard asked.

"I don't..." I said quietly.
"But I have to face him someday." I added just as quietly.

"Awh don't worry. I'll be here to protect you!" Mikey said with one hand on my shoulder and the other on his chest.

I scoffed.
"Yeah... right!" I said sarcaslicly and squeezed his side. He giggled with a little squeel.

"Don't! Im tickleish there!" he giggled in a cute Baby voice.

"Oh really?!" I said rubbing my chin.

"Shit! Amy. No!" he squeeled as I tickled him again. Gerard and I laughed while mikey was in tears with laughter.

The rest of the ride was the same as it was on the way up. We reached NJSC an hour later and we trotted up to our rooms. After I had dunked my bag somewhere in the corner I went to find Casey. She seemed really worried on the phone. Well I didn't expect her to be calm. I knocked on the dor but there was no reply. I walked over to Bob's room, thinking she might be there. I knocked on the door and surprisingly Bob answered. Yet that was not the surprising part. Behind Bob was a talll Blonde, Skanky-looking girl.

"Umm. Amy. Hi?" Bob said nervously.

"Hey. Ahh... is Casey with you?" I asked just as nervous.

"Bobby?!" The skank asked in a whining tone.

"Oh. This is Amelia. She's my.. Umm. My-" Bob asked.

"Where's Casey?" I snapped cutting Bob off.
Bob shrugged.

"Oh. Well. Umm... I'll go and find her... bye." I said confused and walked off. Bob closed the door after a while. Amelia. Amelia. His new. GIRLFRIEND? Well I cut him off. All he said was my-... maybe she was just a friend. Casey. Where was she. I walked across to Frankie's room to ask him. I knocked on the door. He opened the door slightly and poked his eye out.

"Amy! Thank God you're back!" he screamed in a whisper and hugged me.

"Hi. Umm I'm looking for Casey. Do you know where she is." I said pulling away.

Frank opened the door wider to reveal Casey sitting on the bed hugging her knees. She had blood-shot eyes and a bright pink nose. She slowly looked up.

"Amy!" she said smiling.

"Casey what happened? Are you okay?" I asked worried. I ran in and sat next to her on the bed.

"I texted you. Didn't you get it?" she said softly.
I shook my head.
She breathed in deeply.

"Bob and I..." she stopped and put her head back in her knees. I hugged her tightly and she cried in my shoulder.

"Amelia." She whispered so I could barly hear.

I looked at frank who faintly smiled at me. It looked more like frown.
Casey finally pulled away and got the streangth to speak.

"I caught them in Bob's room. Amelia on top of him. I never thought he would stoop this low. He tried to talk to me but I just told him it was over and ran in here." She said with a tear on her cheek. Frank came behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

"Why Frankie?" I asked.

"I needed a girl. And since you were gone Frank was the closest thing I could get to." She smiled.

"She buffed my nails!" Frank said in a girlish tone.

We all giggled.

"See that's all you need. Us." He said.
I nodded.

"I have an idea! You guy's can stay over in here tonight! We can eat ice-cream and chocolates and watch 'The Notebook'!" Frank said exited.

"You'd watch 'The Notebook' for me?" Casey said wiping her eyes.

"Of coarse!" she smiled.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'll go get the ice-cream." I said.
We all giggled and left to go down to the schools little grosery store.


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