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Candel Wax And Sand Castles.

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Amy, Gerard and Mikey go the the beach.

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La la la la la. La la la la la. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la. La. La!!!!! Haha it's 'I never told you what I'd do for living.' Haha. Well never again. No never again. They gave us 2 shots............

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The next morning I woke up to a strange sound in the kitchen. I crept down the little ladder at the end of the bed and saw Mikey fast asleep. I quietly walked to the kitchen to find Donna and Gerard baking.

"Morning hun." Donna said cheerfully

"Hey." Gerard said while pushing a heart shaped cookie-cutter into a piece of dough.

"Hi. Whatcha making?" I said sleepily.

"Cookies. Wanna help?" Gerard asked cheerfully.
I nodded and walked over to stand next to Gerard. I picked up a star shaped cookie-cutter and pushed it into a sheet of dough.

"Where's mikey?" Gerard asked.

"He's still asleep." I answered.

"That kid can sleep all day. I swear. You can pour candle wax on that kid and he'll still sleep through it!" Donna said putting a full tray of cookies in the oven.
Gerard looked at me with a cheeky smirk on his face. I immediatly knew what he was planning.

"Umm. I'm just gonna go the the bathroom." I lied.

As soon as I was around the corner I pulled out my mobile and rung Gerards home number.

"I'll get that." He quickly snapped. "Hello?" he said grabbing the matches on the bench. He went around the corner and picked up a candle that was sitting on the table. We were both silently giggling as we lit the candle. Gerard picked up the candle and we crepped into the room where Mikey was fast asleep. Gerard slowly tipped the candle until the red wax dripped on Mikey's bare chest.
Mikey suddenly jumped up and squeeled.

"Shit! Omg what the hell!!" Mikey screamed.
Donna quickly ran in to Mikey's room

"What happened?" she squeeled.
Gerard and I stopped laughing and slowly turned around. Gerard placed the candle softly on the bedside table. Donna chuckled.

"I guess I was wrong." She laughed and strolled back into the kitchen.

"That was so not funny. What the hell were you thinking?" he said peeling the wax off.

"You're mom said that you would sleep through anything." I said.

"And we wanted to try it!" Gerard added. Mikey have us a dirty look.

"So when are we leaving?" Mikey asked to change the subject.

"As soon as we're ready." Gerard answered.

It took about an hour from the Way's house to the beach. It was really hot and sunny.

"Kay. Let's head down." Gerard said. We all followed him down the white sand and chucked down our bags.

"Race yah?" Mikey said playfuly.

"Got yah belt on?" i said sarcasticly and we ran and dived in to the cold, salty water. Gerard slowly ran behind us.
We spent the next 2 hours in the water. We got out and fell on our towels.

"What now?" Mikey asked.
I smiled.

"Let's build a sandcastle!" I said happily.
Gerard groaned.

"Really do we have to?" he wined.
"C'mon. It'll be fun!" I said.
I stuck out my lip and pouted.

"Okay." He sighed. I giggled and started to bunch up a heap of sand. After about 10 minutes later we had almost complete the castle. It was a huge lip of sand with about 15 little lumps around it.

"It need's a door." Mikey said.
He shoved his index finger in one of the lumps and it started to crumble a bit.

"Mikey get you're finger out of there!" I shouted. Gerard laughed at my comment.

"Okay dude. You have a REALLY screwed up mind!" Mikey said, still wriggling his finger around.

"Seriously Mikey, you're gonna break it!" I said to him.
He slowly removed his finger.

"I have an idea. Lets crush it!!" gerard smiled.

"But it's so pretty!" I said while I stood up to look at it.

"It's gonna be knocked down anyways." Mikey said.

"Okay. Get up." I sighed.

Gerard and Mikey stood on either side of me and grabbed my hands. We all jumped and landed on top of the now pile of sand.

"That was fun!" Mikey laughed.

"I feel kinda bad." I said sadly.

"Well we can re-build it! and then knock ot down again" Gerard said quietly.

"Not that bad!" I said.

After all that fun we went for lunch at a little hut near the beach. But before long we made our way back to the Way's house.


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