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Road Trip

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Fulllllooooooooooooo!! Pissy missy!! Okay enough random stuff....


About 45 minutes later I was packed and ready to go. I knocked on Gerards door and waited for someone to answer. Ray sleeplesly opened the and groaned.

"Hey Ray. Is Gerard there?" I asked.
Ray groaned again and mumbled something while pointed to Mikey's room.

"Thanks!" I said giving him a small hug.

"Fmebs" Ray mumbled and closed the door.
I made my way over to Mikeys room and knocked on the door.

"Hey. Ready?" Mikey said hugging me.

"Yeah. You?" I asked hugging Gerard.

"Yeah. I think we can just grab some breakfast on the way." Gerard said and we made our way to his car. Mikey and I sat in the back seat and Gerard drove.

"You told you're mum right?" I asked.

"Yeah she's cool with it." Gerard said.
The car ride was pretty original. We went crazy, sung or screamed at the top of our lungs, stuck our heads out the sunroof and ate. It took about an hour to get to Breville. The Way's house looked sweet. It was a cute 1 story, brick house with a red tiled roof. Gerard helped me get my bag out the back while Mikey went to knock on the door. The door opened and a small woman with beach blonde hair came out. She hugged Mikey. Gerard walked up and gave her a hug too. I followed behind Gerard.

"And you must be Amy!" she squeeled and squeezed me tight.

"Hi!" I hugged her back and we went inside.

"Now Amy. You don't mind if you sleep with Mikey in his room do you? He has bunks. It's that or the couch." She asked kindly.

"No not at all." I replied.

"Very well. Mikey will show you to you're room." She said.
I followed Mikey down the hall way and into a small, dark room with a set of bunk beds. There were posters of Iron Maiden and The Misfits on the walls and a bunch of comic books everywhere.

"Top or Bottom?" Mikey asked. Gerard giggled when he heard this. I laughed at his filthy mind.

"Bunks you sicko!" mikey shouted and threw a pillow at Gerard. But he closed the door to block it. I giggled.

"Umm... top!" I said exited.

"Okay. I'm starved. Let's go get something to eat." Mikey said opening the door. I followed him through the hallway and to the kitchen wher Mrs. Way was baking a cake.

"Alright then Amy?" she asked.

"Yes. Thanks for letting me stay here for the week Mrs. Way." I said happily looking around the dark, cramped kitchen.

"No problem. You're always welcome. And please, call me Donna."

"Well thanks, Donna. I just can't wait 'till at of this blows over." I said.
She looked at me sweetly.
Mikey walked to the fridge and opened it.

"Hmm.. Dr Pepper?" he asked.

"Dr who?" I asked confused.

"Don't tell me you didn't have Dr Pepper in Australia?!" Mikey shouted and threw one to me.
I shook my head and opened it.

"Wow this is delicious!" I squealed.
Mikey and Donna smiled.
Just at that moment Gerard walked in with a sketch book in his arms.

"Lemmy see!!" I said.
He looked down in his arms.

"Nah they aren't very good." He said.

Mikey coughed letting the word bull slip into it.

"Pleaaaase!" I whined.
He slowly handed me the book. In the book there were drawings of skeletons and comic book characters.

"Wow!" I whispered.
"These are amazing!" I said looking at Gerard.
"I would pay like a million dollars for this." I said flipping through the pages.

"Really?" he said shocked.

"Totally! In fact..." I said reaching in my pocket. I pulled out 20 dollars and smacked it on the counter.

"No way! It's yours. You don't need to pay me." He shouted.

"No take it! I'd pay a lot more for art like this." I said pushing it closer.
Gerard smiled and took the $20 and shoved it in his pocket.

After another 10 minutes or so we walked back to Mikeys room. I sat on the bottom bunk with Gerard next to me and Mikey at his desk.

"So what are we going to do this week?" Mikey asked.

"I rockon we should head down to the beach. We haven't been there in over a year. What do you think Amy?" Gerard asked.

"I could do with some sun. I haven't been surfing in like a month." I said.

" Awesome we'll go tomorow." Mikey said.

Back At New Jersey State College

Ray's POV

I woke up at about 12 to a loud knock on the door. I opened it to find Casey standing there, looking woried.

"Neither Amy or Mikey are in there rooms." She said quickly. She looked at me strange and pulled a piece off a piece of paper that was stuck on my bare chest. She read it out.

"Gone back to Breville for a week with Mikey. Amy came too. Got any questions call me."

"I didn't know anything about it!" I said to defend myself.

She rolled her eyes and pulled out her cell phone.
She hit a few buttins and it was put on speaker.

"Hello?" Mikey answered.

"Mikey. Its Cays and Ray." I said.

"Oh hey guys. One sec I'll put you on speaker." He said.

"Hayy!" Gerards and Amy said in unison.

"Okay where the hell are you guys?" Casey asked angrily.

"I left you a note. We're at home. We'll be back in a week." Gerard answered.

"Yeah, yeah. That's all fine and dandy but what the hell is Amy with you?" Casey asked ever more angry.

There was a pause.

"Hey look I'll text you later Csay but we have to go now. Bye" she said quickly before hanging up the phone.

"Unbelievable!" she shouted.

Amy's POV

"It's okay. She knows." I said as soon as we hung up the phone.


Haha soz agen
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