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The Xonars are transported to a new world

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They started to walk to the door when a sharp tingle flew through their bodies. The next thing they knew they were standing in a place with very rocky terrain. The whole horizon was made up of roan rocks, dirt and stones. The sky was a bland grey, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

“Whoah, what happened?” breathed Cal.

Lara shook her head.

“I do believe you were called here.”

Lara and Cal spun around. There was Jerry hovering above Joe’s POD. Alex was behind Joe smirking at the shocked looks on their faces.

“Joe, you really have to stop doing that!” Lara yelled at him.

Joe laughed then focused his attention back on Jerry.

“If we were transported here then why didn’t we spin like the first time?” Cal asked.

“I changed the system for you. Vomit isn’t the most appealing thing,” Jerry replied.


“Well then. It appears that Jerry does in fact have some kindness in him,” Lara stated with a scowl.

Jerry ignored her. “Somebody needs your help. You’re not the only Xonars you know.”

“Well that would explain what the bar tender was talking about on our last mission,” Alex mentioned.

“Indeed. Well you should get moving and find the people who called you. Oh, and gear up. They’re probably in a bit of a jiffy. Or battle, whatever you want to call it.” Joe pressed the green button and Jerry disappeared.

The four teens brought their PODs up to chest level and pressed the silver button. Instantly ribbons whipped out and surrounded them, changing their clothes into their Xonar outfits.

Instantly Joe took the silver bag that rested diagonally across his back, reached into it and pulled out his cowboy hat. He placed it on his head and grinned. “Much better.”

“Hey, we still have our weapons!” Alex exclaimed as he grabbed the dagger out of the holster at his hip.

“Nice!” Lara smiled as she grabbed her nunchucks. A feeling of power surged through her body.

Joe didn’t bother checking for his weapon since he could feel it pressed into his side. Cal didn’t have to either since a long bow and quiver aren’t easy to ignore.

Alex looked down at his POD to see the direction that the blinking arrow was pointing and took off in that direction. Lara, Cal and Joe saw him leave and followed after him.

The four young Xonars stumbled across the red hued rocky terrain. Alex seemed at home with the uneven ground so he was able to stay ahead of the group.

Lara looked at Cal and noticed that he still looked upset. She then watched Alex walking ahead with a bit of haste in his stride. She turned to Cal and suggested, “You should go talk to Alex. You guys need to work this out.”

He sighed then, calling to Alex, ran and caught up with him. Lara and Joe watched as they talked things out.

After awhile the ground evened out a bit and Joe and Lara walked together relaxed. Joe looked down at her hand and silently slipped his hand over to hers. She jumped and he quickly pulled it back but Lara grabbed onto his hand before he could. She squeezed his hand and gave him a sly wink.

They walked behind Alex and Cal until they saw a cloud of smoke in the distance.

“That must be them,” Lara exclaimed and the four headed off at a run.
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