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The teens end up in a battle against an unknown creature... but they have help. Joe gets in a spot of trouble

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When they got there they saw four people fighting off an ugly, huge creature. It towered above them, eight feet tall, with the dull sun gleaming off of its red shell. It had the body and legs of a crab but was much larger and way meaner. Antennae protruded from its gaudy head and large fangs hung out of its drooling mouth. Two arms ended off with dangerous pincers. Smoke coiled from its nostrils and the ground around it was charred black. The four teens approached them and pulled out their weapons.

Alex shot a laser at the strange creature which glanced off of its back and shot into thin air. Cal shot an arrow at it that hit it where an arm attached to its body. There was a small explosion and the creature roared in pain. The huge crab-like thing reared back and shot fangs at the group. Joe ducked and urged the group to get back as the other Xonars were attacking. They didn’t listen to him.

“Get back! You have to trust me!” he yelled to them.

When everyone was out of harm’s way Joe shot his gun at the creature. A shield came out of the gun, protecting them. The bullet hit the creature straight on, disintegrating it into thin air and the group heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Joe suddenly sunk to the ground unconscious.

Lara, hearing a small thump, turned to see him lying on the ground and ran to his side. She quickly checked his pulse and breathing. His pulse was faint and his breath shallow. She then looked him over and turned him on his side. A venomous fang stuck out just below his left shoulder blade. She wrapped her fingers around it and yanked. It came out and blood oozed from his wound. Lara quickly got some gauze from her POD and pressed it on to his skin, taping it there.

Alex, Cal and the others ran to Lara and Joe.

Alex checked his eyes making sure he hadn’t slipped into a coma as a fiery red head knelt down beside him. Realizing that Joe had been poisoned the red haired girl and he simultaneously said, “We need some hydrogen peroxide and cranberry juice.”

They looked at each other raising an eyebrow then quickly got the concoction out of their PODs. They turned Joe on his stomach and pulled off the gauze. The read head poured the mixture onto the wound as Alex massaged it in.

“What’s that stuff going to do?” Lara asked as she watched helplessly.

“The combination of the hydrogen peroxide and the amount of citric acid in cranberry juice will neutralize any poison,” Alex explained.

“In most cases at least,” the red headed Xonar added.

They turned Joe back onto his back and poured the rest of the mixture into Joe’s mouth. Alex gently rubbed his throat, forcing him to swallow. Joe twitched but remained unconscious.

“Well, that’s all we can do for him. Now we just have to wait and hope,” the red head told the group.

Lara knelt down by Joe and put his jean jacket over him. She grabbed his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze as a silent tear ran down her cheek.

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up. He faced the red head and said, “I’m Alex by the way.”

The fiery red head had a spark in her eye as she stretched a hand out for him to shake. She wore casual orange khakis and an orange t-shirt with a silver stripe. Her hair was wavy and tied back in a pony tail. The colour matched her outfit. “Name’s Scout. Hey, how’d ya know about that mixture?”

“I could ask you the same thing. My mom’s a nurse and deals with poison a lot. It was just one of the many tid bits that I pick up from her,” he replied.

“I learned it in Scouts, thus the nickname. I’m always prepared,” Scout replied with a small chuckle.

Over by Lara Joe started to stir. His eyes shot open and he sat bolt up right. His body started thrashing and screams escaped from his mouth.

Scout and Alex ran over to him.

“What’s happening?” Lara shouted over the screams.
“It must be a side affect of the poison,” Scout shouted back.

“Try to hold him down! We don’t want him hurting himself,” Alex instructed.

Alex, Scout and Lara grabbed Joe and held him, trying to stop his flailing limbs. A large man and a short, blonde boy came over to help. Suddenly it all stopped and Joe lay on the ground panting. He moaned and started to sit up but Scout pushed him back into a laying position.

“You need to rest,” she said as she gave him some water and dabbed his forehead with a damp cloth.

He closed his eyes and in seconds his breathing slowed and he was fast asleep.

A tall, well built young adult stood to face the others. His shaggy blonde hair hung slightly in front of his bright blue eyes. A baggy brown sweater with the trade mark silver stripe hung lightly on his shoulders. Brown denim trailed past his shoes. “I’m Jake,” he said addressing Lara, Cal and Alex. “This is Dilton,” he said motioning to the blonde headed boy.

A young boy with wispy blonde hair and light blue eyes waved to them. He wore a yellow t-shirt with the silver stripe and yellow, pocketed shorts.

“And that’s Zora,” Jake continued.

A girl smiled back at them. Her spiky, dark blue hair stood out against her white outfit. Her eyes were black and had a mischievous vibe around them.

“Then I do believe you have met Scout,” he finished.

“I’m Alex, that’s Lara, Cal is the one standing over there and Joe’s, well, unconscious on the ground,” Alex said pointing to each of his friends respectively. “You may have to introduce yourselves again when he wakes up.”
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