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Nothing major happens in this chapter but you still have to read it to make the story make sense... I just don't want to make the chapters super long.

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Scout looked out into the horizon and blinked into the setting sun. “We should set up camp. It’s getting dark and I think we’d have troubles carrying the big guy even if we did want to move on.”

The others agreed and commanded tents and sleeping bags out of their PODs.

While they were setting up Cal finally voiced a question that had been hanging on his mind for quite some time. “How did you guys call us here anyway?” he asked.

Dilton answered the question. “We’re not sure. We were in a bit of trouble then the next thing we knew you guys were here fighting along side us.”

Cal’s brow burrowed in thought before he crawled into his tent and fell asleep.

After Lara had eaten she set Joe’s tent up and Jake helped her carry him into his bed. She thanked him then went into her own tent and fell into a troubled sleep.

The next morning everybody woke up to screaming and a whole lot of commotion. They crawled out of their tents and saw a creature moving around under Joe’s tent which had collapsed. Lara ran over to him and untangled him from the tent.

“Joe, wake up. Shh, it’s just a bad bream. You’re ok,” she cooed soothingly as Joe snapped awake.

“There must still be a bit of poison running through his system,” Alex said as he walked over to Lara and Joe. “Hey, you’re good, buddy,” he said patting Joe’s shoulder.

Joe rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hands then looked up at the others. “Man, that was a freaky dream. And it felt so real.”

“Well, that’s all that it was, eh? Just a dream,” Jake reminded him.

“And you are…?” Joe inquired.

“Oh, sorry, right you missed the intro didn’t ya? I’m Jake, that’s Zora, Dilton and Scout,” he said pointing to each person.

Joe stood up and held out his hand to shake. “I’m Joe.”

Jake shook it and said, “Nice to meetcha.”

“Where are you guys from?”

“We’re Canadian, eh?” Jake replied grinning.

“I can see that. So what’d I miss?” Joe replied.

“You missed Alex’s hidden talent,” Lara answered.

Joe raised an eyebrow waiting for Lara to continue.

“Yeah, I guess he’s pretty good with medicine and emergency situations. Between him and Scout over there the two saved your life,” she continued.

“I guess I should be thanking you then.” He stepped toward Alex and Scout but stumbled.

Jake quickly grabbed Joe under his arm and steadied him. “Whoa, careful there, buddy.”

“I guess I’m still a bit weak,” Joe said shaking his head embarrassed.

“Well let’s get something to eat. Zora’s over setting up some breakfast,” Scout said walking over to help Jake support Joe by putting his arm over her shoulder. They walked him over to a tarp that had been laid out on the ground.

“Easy, easy, there we go.” Scout grunted as she sat Joe down. “There you go. You doin’ ok?”

“Yeah, but I would really go for some Advil. I’ve got a pounding headache,” Joe replied holding his head.

Scout quickly popped open a bottle that had suddenly appeared in her hand.

“Did you just get that out of your POD?” Joe questioned.

“No, the PODs don’t give medicine. Not sure why. Advil works miracles, I keep it on me at all times. Always be prepared,” Scout explained handing him two small pills. “You know they say that one is often enough. I’m not sure where they got that from.”

Joe let out a soft laugh as he swallowed the greatly appreciated and tasty pills. “Thanks.”

“No prob, I thought you might have a bit of a headache after our encounter with the haphweigh. I mean I may have helped save you but, man, you saved us all. Where’d you get that fancy weaponry?”

“Argon. It’s a planet in the fifth dimension. Lovely place. Moody Queen though,” Joe replied.

“Yeah, good thing we got rid of her,” Cal said as he munched on some cereal.

“Well, dig in, Joe. You’ll need the energy,” Scout said grabbing some sausage.

The group enjoyed their breakfast then wrapped up the extra food and put it in their silver packs.

Joe gulped down a bottle of water and sighed. “That’s better. Well we should get going because I’m sure that defeating that creature wasn’t all we came to do.”

“The haphweigh, yeah,” Scout replied.

“So that’s what that thing was?” Alex inquired.

“Yeah, it’s some sort of mutant crab or something. Jerry warned us about them when we first came here,” Dilton cut in.

“Wait, Jerry told you what to expect? He wouldn’t tell us anything!” Lara fumed.

“Lara and Jerry aren’t exactly on the same terms with each other,” Joe explained.

“Ah, well Jerry tends to do that with new people. Says it’s some sort of training. He wants us to discover,” Dilton said filling them in.

“So you’ve met others like us?” Alex asked.

“No, you’re the first. Jerry did the same thing to us. He finally gave up the dumb act when Zora gave him a look that could have eaten through steel. I think it scared him into submission.”

“Well, let’s get going,” Joe said starting to stand up. Scout and Jake went to help him but he waved them away. “I’m a big boy, I can do it myself.” They nodded and backed off. He stood up, wobbled, caught his balance then was steady on his feet. He shook his head and hands and said, “I’m good.”
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