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The group is almost killed. Or are they?

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The group headed off north into the distance.

“Guys, it’s this way,” Cal informed them steering them west.

They walked and stumbled over the rocky terrain, complaining about their sore legs and feet. All, except Alex and Scout.

Suddenly Joe’s legs gave out on him and he collapsed. He fell against a rock, scraping his bare arm.

“Whoa! Joe, you ok?” Lara asked helping him into a sitting position.

Scout ran over with some water and tipped the cool liquid into his mouth.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired,” he said wiping his mouth. He looked at his arm then added, “And a bit scratched up.”

“Time for a bit of a break, eh?” Jake suggested sitting down next to Joe.

Lara and Scout sat down with the guys while Alex, Cal, Dilton and Zora leaned against a nearby boulder chatting.

Joe looked up and saw a jet black bird fly over head. He dropped to the floor and muttered to the others, “Get down and don’t move a muscle!”

Even though there was scepticism they trusted his judgment and lay down keeping completely still. After the incident with the haphweigh they decided they could trust him. He seemed to know what he was doing.

The black bird flew over them, circled back, flew a bit lower, swooped in a large circle then flew away. The team of eight lay low for another minute after it was out of sight then got up.

“Why did we have to do that? What was that all about? How did you know it wasn’t just a bird?” Lara interrogated.

“It was a motion sensing sniper disguised as a bird. It was out to find and kill us. And, it was.” He hesitated. “In a dream.” He looked away from the group as he finished explaining.

“A dream? And I thought I was crazy!” Scout said with a small smirk.

“How did you know it was real and not just another dream?” Dilton asked genuinely interested.

“I don’t know. It was just an instinct, a hunch. In the dream the bird dropped a bomb or something like that and killed all of us. I thought I might be able to prevent it this time when I realized it was happening all over again,” Joe explained not looking anyone in the eyes. He felt insane hearing what was coming out of his mouth.

“Well it seems you’ve changed our fate. That is if that was a sniper trying to kill us,” Dilton replied, still a bit sceptical.

“It doesn’t matter. The point is that either way we’re still alive,” Lara pointed out.

“Well I think the poison pushed him over the edge,” Alex said casually crossing his arms.

“Oh, take off, eh? We don’t need that kinda attitude,” Jake snapped.

“We better make some ground. Somebody obviously found out that we’re here to stop them and I don’t want to be stuck out in the open to be picked off like flies,” Cal said picking up his pack.
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