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The gang enters the lion's den

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Cal and Gordon appeared in the middle of a deserted corridor. Cal sighed with relief. So far, so good. Cal looked over his shoulder to make sure that Gordon had left then backed against the wall and sneaked toward the corner. Carefully, he poked his head out and peered around the corner. “Coast clear,” Cal whispered to himself. He rounded the corner and headed toward the center of the castle.

Meanwhile Zora had been brought right into an elegant bathroom. She made sure her companion was gone then promptly hurried over to the large oak door inlaid into gold painted walls. Pressing her ear to the door she listened carefully.

Zora heard footsteps noisily approaching and waited until they had passed the door before slipping out of the bathroom. She sneaked up behind the red clad man and grabbed the back of his neck. A second later the man was unconscious in Zora’s arms as she dragged him back to the bathroom. She locked him in then hurried down the hall.

Lara and a fair haired, stuttering man appeared in a long, drafty hallway with its walls draped in red cloth. The man with her quickly left.

Lara was staring into the steely eyes of one of the castle guards. She cussed then shot out a fist, nailing the man in the gut. When the guard buckled over, holding his midsection she simultaneously grabbed his head, brought her left knee up and smashed his head against it, and clipped the back of his knees with her right foot. This resulted in the man collapsing on the ground unconscious. Lara leapt in the air in celebration then dragged the man to the side, out of the main pathway.

Scout and her partner had appeared in a deserted hallway. After her partner left, Scout rounded a corner to see two guards talking to each other beside a suit of armour. She boldly walked up to them, whip in hand, and before the men could draw their weapons wrapped her whip around their ankles, tripping them. They hit the floor hard head first, knocking them out. She pushed them together then tied them back to back with a rope she got out of her POD.

Dilton appeared behind a guard facing the other way. His partner disappeared as he used his weapon to shock the man. He fell limp and fell to the floor allowing Dilton to continue on his way.

Alex and the man with him ended up inside a broom closet. He slowly creaked open the door and peeked out of a small crack as his partner left. A group of men were gathered in a small square opening. Alex slipped his hand into his back pocket and pulled out the laser dagger located there. He brought it up by his head and stuck the tip through the crack in the door. He aimed it at a nearby suit of armour and pressed the button on the handle. A laser shot out and hit the metal with a ‘ting’. It then rebounded into a nearby hall and crashed into the wall, making debris fly everywhere. The guards heard the noise and went to investigate. This gave Alex an opening to leave the closet and head to where they had agreed to meet. He started to turn to the left and ran into Dilton.

“It’s this way,” Dilton told him pointing and leading Alex the opposite way that he had turned.

When Cal turned the next corner that turned into the open area that the six Xonars had agreed to meet at he saw Alex and Dilton running toward him. Cal drew an arrow out of his quiver and waited for whatever they were running from. As he nocked his arrow he saw it; a large group of guards turning the corner as they chased after Alex.

Scout approached the end of the hall just in time to see Cal shoot an arrow over a group of guards to hit a wall behind them in an explosive manner. Instinctively she pulled a lasso out of her POD and swung it around her head. When the guards stopped and turned away from Alex to look at the explosion she threw the loop and lassoed the whole group of men. She ran over and tied them tight together.

“Perfect timing,” Alex complemented as he walked up to Scout.

“So now we just wait for Zora?” Scout asked.

“And Lara,” Call added. “Yeah, they had the longest way to come. Should be here soon though.”

Just as he said this a guard stumbled into their opening, fell on his back, and hit his head, knocking him out. His pants were down to his knees and his belt was cut.

“Looks like something Lara would do,” Alex commented.

And sure enough Lara walked into sight, nunchucks in hand and a smirk on her face.

A second later they saw a guard’s head hit the floor then be dragged out of sight. After another moment Zora stepped into view shaking her hair out of her eyes.

“Good, the gangs all here,” Cal stated. “Let’s move.”
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