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Cal's plan unravels

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As this was all happening Richard’s men were busy. They each approached a guard and started to fight. Some men drew swords, others clubs, battle axes or long staffs. Some of them had bows so instead of drawing their weapon they fought with their fists. Be the end they were dragging a group of either dead or unconscious bodies into a vacant storage room. After the bodies were hidden the men took up the role of the guards they used to be.

Soon the five Xonars could see the large double doors that they knew led to the throne room. They walked up to the doors that Richard’s men were guarding and entered as the doors were opened for them.

As Cal passed the door he talked to one of the replacement guards under his breath. “Are the rest of the men situated around the castle?” The man nodded a reply and Cal walked on.

As they walked in the guards followed them with their weapons drawn.

The first thing they saw when they entered was two guards flying at them from their spot by the throne.

Cal already had an arrow nocked and shot it at the men’s feet. The resulting explosion knocked them off their feet. When the smoke, dust and debris settled Scout was just finishing up tying the men together.

Seeing this, the man sitting on the throne yelled, “Guards!”

A line of guards filed into the room as a smug look appeared on the man’s face.

“I’m King Steele,” he declared. “You can’t stop me. Soon this world will be perfect.” He stopped there because that was when he noticed that the guards’ weapons were not in fact trained on the group of intruders but instead were pointing at him. “W-what’s going on?”

“You, my friend, have been sabotaged!” Cal announced.

“And we are here to knock you off of your self created pedestal,” Alex added.

“I do believe this is the part where you devise a clever plan to escape and we promptly kick your butt. So let’s get on with this,” Lara said, poised for a fight.

It was then that the world turned upside down. A cage fell over the five Xonars’ the King jumped behind his throne and escaped out a secret passage when Richard’s men were distracted. The previously unconscious guards now stormed into the room.

“Guys, what happened to the part where we kick their butts?” Scout asked almost accusingly.

“Hey, it’s not over yet,” Lara replied.

Up on the hill Jake and Joe watched the city below as Dilton played around on his computer.

Joe looked up at the sky as a bird flew over head. He then looked back at the city and saw a group of guards gather on the street.

“I think we’ve been spotted,” Joe noted.

The guards turned toward the hill and started running toward them.

“Brace yourselves men! They’re coming,” Joe ordered.

Richard’s men looked down the hill to the approaching army.

“Archers start shooting. Prevent as many men from reaching us as possible,” Richard commanded.

Arrows started flying as the men on top of the hill drew their weapons. Guards were slowly picked off.

Eventually the men that weren’t killed by arrows reached the hill. That’s when the rest of the men attacked. Swords started slicing, clubs crashed against skulls and battle axes slashed. Some of the men were twirling long staffs over their heads smashing the ends into unguarded men.

Jake walked toward a man and sliced his sharp blade across his abdomen. Without stopping he turned and cut another man across the neck. He then stepped forward and stabbed a man in the chest.

Joe wasn’t comfortable using his gun so instead he picked up the stick that he was using to fight Jake earlier. He wielded it like a sword and defended himself, knocking men unconscious.

It wasn’t long before the whole army was disabled.

That’s when Joe’s POD bleeped. He pressed the blue button and listened to the voice on the other end.

“Joe, you there?”

“Yeah, you guys ok?” he spoke into the device.

“Well, we’re in a bit of trouble. Do you think you could get here?”

“We’ll get there as soon as we can.”

“Yeah, soon’s good.”

“Where are you guys?”

“We’re in the throne room. Gordon should know where it is.”


“See ya in a few.”

“That Lara?” Jake asked after listening to their conversation. “She sounds awfully calm considering,” he mentioned.

“Yeah, she’s good at staying calm in stressful situations,” Joe replied. He then turned to the rest of the people on the hill, including Gordon and a few of his men, and yelled, “Alright, the others are in the throne room and they need our help. So grab a partner and let’s go!”
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