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things happen, explosions, people almost or actually dying... you know normal stuff

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Cal sat in a corner of the cage with his head bowed and eyes closed tight. He was mouthing silent words.

Zora, who had seen this, finally stopped bouncing off the sides and roof of the cage and sat down beside Cal with her legs crossed. She tapped on his shoulder then, when he opened his eyes and looked up, stared into his eyes and asked, What are you doing? She cocked her head slightly to the side in curiousity, waiting for an answer.

Praying. Cal replied quite simply. I figure we need all the help we can get. Then he politely added, Do you want to join me?

Zora cautiously nodded.

Cal then took Zora’s hands in his and stared into her eyes before he began.

Dear Lord, please protect us through this battle. Lead us to do the right thing and guide us in Your way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

It was his first time praying with someone outside of church and by now his hands were trembling but he asked his next question anyway. Would you like to pray now? He knew that if he was talking his voice would be shaky.

An awkward silence overtook them.

Suddenly they were saved from their uncomfort by Joe. He had appeared out of nowhere with Jake, Dilton, Gordon, Richard and three of Gordon’s men. The rest of Richard and Gordon’s men had managed to appear outside of the cage and were already fighting, which was good since the cage could hardly hold who was inside it as it was.

Cal and Zora looked at Lara who was pounding on Joe’s chest as hard as she could.

“You idiot! How are you going to help us from inside the cage?!” she screamed, ignoring the fact that Joe didn’t control where they would appear.

While she had been hitting Joe he had been standing calmly letting Lara release her anger. After a few minutes he grabbed her wrists and stopped her. “Shh, shh. Lara, calm down. I’ll get us out of this.”

Amazingly she did. She let him pull her into a momentary hug then backed off and muttered a small, “Sorry.”

Joe looked up from her and in a loud voice spoke to the inhabitants of the cage. “Ok, here’s what we need to do. I’m going to blow the roof offa this thing so I need y’all to crowd around me and squat down.” Instantly Lara, Cal, Alex, Zora and Scout were at his side. When the rest were staying away with questionable looks on their faces he added, “Unless you want to die. You know, that’s an option too.” And the rest were squeezed in tight close to him positioned as low as they could be.

Joe, crouched amidst the group of people, pointed his gun straight up and pulled the trigger. A shimmering dome surrounded them as a huge explosion rattled their eardrums. The bars of the cage were blasted out and the top shot up to the roof of the throne room. The impact of the explosion caused debris, dust and smoke to surround the air.

Joe looked at his left arm and saw that a piece of the roof was about to fall on it. He pulled his arm out of the way just in time. “Close one,” he muttered.

Zora finally spotted Cal among the chaos and realized that the top of the cage was about to crash down upon him.

“Caaammmeeerrrooon!” As his name slipped past her lips a jolt of adrenalin ran through her body. In three long leaps she had the front of Cal’s shirt in her hand and, using her own momentum, pulled him out of danger. When they landed Zora pulled him into a roll to soften the impact. When they stopped Zora ended up lying on top of Cal.

“You have a beautiful voice. Like an angel.” Even though their faces were close and they were staring into each other’s eyes Cal said this out loud.

This compliment took Zora off guard but after a moments pause she realized the awkward position they were in. Blushing, she moved off of him and stood up ready to fight.

By this time the air was clear and Joe was running over to where Lara was lying motionless. He kneeled down beside her and brushed her hair off of her forehead.

“Lara? Lara?!” he nearly yelled in a panicked voice. “No, this can’t be happening. Of all my nightmares this one can’t come true.”

He then quickly checked her vitals and when he found she wasn’t breathing he started mouth to mouth resuscitation.

“Come… on…” he muttered between breaths.

When she eventually started breathing on her own he could do nothing but wait for her to gain consciousness with tears in his eyes. He looked around at the battle ground and saw that everything was still. The explosion had managed to either scare people away or slam them into unconsciousness. The only people still standing were the ones that were inside the shield. So why was Lara hurt?


Joe turned back to Lara who was now leaning on her elbows. His heart rate slowed drastically. Joe ignored her comment and his hands were still shaky when he said, “I wasn’t sure this would work. The man who gave me the gun told me that there was a possibility that the shield wouldn’t completely hold at close range.” He hesitated then said, “I guess that guy was right.”

“Actually, that was my fault. I noticed that one of Gordon’s men wouldn’t be in the shield once you pulled the trigger so I grabbed him and put him where I had been. I guess I wasn’t fully covered when the blast hit us.”

“Lara, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault, I should have checked.”

“Yeah, Joe, it is your fault. It’s also your fault that the London Bridge fell, the black plague killed thousands and it’s also your fault that a crazed lunatic decided to take over this world,” Lara replied with a smirk.

Joe was confused at first but by the end of Lara’s comment he was laughing. “I’m glad you’re back. Now we’ve got a world to save,” he said helping her to her feet.
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