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Bad guy gets caught... short chapter but meh

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Lara looked around at Cal, Zora, Alex, Scout and Jake. “Uhh… where’s Dilton?”

“Actually I was kind of wondering where the crazed lunatic went.”

“He escaped behind his throne after the cage dropped,” Lara explained.

Joe raised his eyebrows then said, “Let’s check it out!”

Joe grabbed Lara’s hand and led her over to the red and gold throne. It had been moved away from the wall to reveal a small square door which was slightly ajar. Joe opened it the rest of the way to reveal a tunnel.

“I’ll go first. We don’t know what’s at the end,” Joe offered.

“Joe, I can handle myself,” Lara replied but Joe was already headed down the tunnel. She rolled her eyes then crawled after him.

Lara finally crawled out of the tunnel and ran into the back of Joe who had stopped in his tracks. She stepped back then followed his eyes and was just as surprised. The rest of the Xonars had apparently followed them because they were now crawling out of the tunnel. Shortly everyone was staring at the same scene.

Dilton was standing over King Steele, who was unconscious on the ground, with his stun gun in hand. Electricity danced over his weapon.

“Shocking isn’t it?” he said with a small smile.

“We were stuck in a cage. How did you catch up with him so fast?” Scout asked him.

“I wasn’t in the cage. Somehow it missed me so I ran after him.” Dilton nudged King Steele with his toe. “I don’t think he expected it. I know I made lots of noise but he didn’t see me at all so I hit him with my stun gun. The thing can come in handy sometimes.”

“Good job, Dilton.”

Everyone turned toward the soft, unfamiliar voice. When they saw that it was Zora everyone but Cal was even more surprised than they were at seeing Dilton capture Steele.

Zora flushed bright red and Cal, seeing this coughed and said, “We should maybe tie him up or something. Then maybe make sure the rest of the people are safe.”

So Scout tied him up and they crawled back to the throne room, Jake dragging Steele behind him.
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