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Kind of a sum up.

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When they exited the tunnel Jake tried to prop Steele against a wall but his limp body fell over sideways. He left the fallen King there and turned to the group. “The bad guys caught. Now what, eh?”

Alex was the first one to answer. “Well this kingdom, however large, now has no leader. Doesn’t that create Anarchy?”

Nobody answered. They knew they didn’t have to.

Then Alex added, “I mean, if it stays that way wouldn’t all the rules, laws, the whole foundation crumble?”

“I think that happened a long time ago. Ever since Steele took over the whole place has fallen apart,” Richard said.

Only then did they notice everyone staring at them. Richard, Gordon, their armies and even Steele’s men were crowded around. Most of them were in shock, looking from the group of Xonars to the unconscious Steele then back to the Xonars.

Finally Gordon softly stuttered, “I-Is he d-dead?” Dilton shook his head but besides that the question was ignored.

“Girard’s right. We need a new leader or a new system altogether so this doesn’t happen again,” a deep voice stated. A tall, uniformed man had stepped forward. Scout recognized him as one of the men that were guarding the throne.

“Wait a minute, how did you get untied?” she asked.

Her question was discarded as Joe spoke. “Are you really ready for a change?” he questioned. “Or are you just trying to save your butt?”

“I don’t deny what I did. I regret it. All of it. I was a complete coward not standing up to him,” the deep voiced man replied nodding toward Steele.

“You still are, you dastard!” Joe snarled in a surprisingly deep voice. His eyes were narrowed and his muscles were tense with anger.

“Joe, this isn’t the time for that,” Alex told him.

“You didn’t see what I saw! What he would’ve done!” Joe was pointing at the guard but he was facing and yelling at Alex.

“I think the point is that he didn’t,” Alex replied with an out of ordinary calm. “He says he regrets what he did. He’s not even trying to take over the spot as King. Don’t you think he deserves another chance?” He hesitated then added, “Didn’t we get another chance?”

Joe knew he was right. They had turned from rebel to hero. Could this man change? Could everyone change?

“Anyway, all things aside we still need a new system,” Scout pointed out.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that. In our world there’s tons of laws and rules and more being made every minute. I don’t think we need that here. Or have time to figure that all out,” Cal said to the group. “I was thinking maybe we could elect a new leader. Or possibly two.” Cal looked at Richard and Gordon. “Both Richard and Gordon have huge hearts and seem to know right from wrong. Maybe they should rule.”

Richard and Gordon were shocked. “B-but w-we d-don’t kn-now h-how t-to r-rule,” Gordon stuttered.

“Just listen to your conscience and follow your heart. Pay attention to what the people want, take suggestions. You guys can work it all out,” Cal explained.

“And if all else fails, try common sense,” Alex added.

“Well, that was sorted out quite nicely,” Dilton commented.

“Whoa!” Joe leapt to the side and grabbed Lara who had fainted. “You ok?”

She came to quickly and replied, “Yeah, sorry. I’ve had a hard day and I haven’t eaten in quite awhile.” She was blushing, embarrassed at her show of weakness.

“Here, you can have this for now,” Scout said handing Lara a granola bar.

“You guys can talk to the rest of the kingdom and get this all sorted out right?” Cal asked, addressing the guards who nodded.

“We should be getting going. We can get something more to eat when we get home. Our parents will probably be worried out of their wits,” Joe said with his hand on Lara’s shoulder.

“Grandma,” Cal corrected. “Remember, car crash?”

“Neither me nor Zora have parents,” Jake corrected. “Fire and collapsed building.”

“Parent,” Lara corrected. “Rodeo accident.”

“Parent also,” Scout corrected. “Died giving birth.”
“Again, parent,” Dilton corrected. “My dad was a pilot. He crashed his plane two fields down from ours.”

“Whatever, we should be going either way,” Joe said, rolling his eyes.

The group of Xonars left the castle and headed back to the hill. They stood on the top facing each other.

“Well, I guess this is it,” Dilton said.

“Keep in touch, eh?” Jake replied.

They all held out their wrists and disappeared.
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