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03 Couldn't Hurt, Could It?

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!01-30-06!: This is the first fiction I ever wrote. Have patience.

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*Paul's POV*
I never looked at Benji as I would with girls, you know, checking them out. That thought never really occurred to me. So here I am secretly taking in my friends features. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown, he had nice sort of muscular arms, and his hands were perfect. They were just beyond words.

"Uh, Paul? Why are you looking at my hands?" Benji asked. I looked up at him.

"Yeah man, you were totally dazed. Your eyes were glazed over and everything." Billy said. I looked from Benji to Billy then Back to Benji.

"I'm sorry dude. I was just thinking about stuff, and you know when I think I zone out." I said. Oh yea, nice cover...Stupid. All of a sudden Joel pushed past us.

"What the ?" I said. I turned around and watched Joel walk down the street, picking leaves off trees as if he wasn't aware of what he just did. Billy looked at Benji then Joel.

"Whatever dude." was all he said.

I looked back at them and said "I'm gonna go talk to him. Straighten shit out." They nodded and I ran up to Joel.

"Do you owe me money?" he asked me. I looked at him startled by the question.

"No..." I answered slowly.

"Well I'm not talking to you, so go away. If you don't owe me money and you're not my friend, go away." he said. He kept pulling leaves off trees and ripping them apart.

"Dude, we need to talk. It's not my fault Vicious likes me. I'm straight and all, but I've been giving it a second thought...but I'm going to be with Benj if you like him. That's the last thing I want, my best friend being mad at me." I said.

Joel stopped, "You're thinking about being with Benji?" I stopped too.

"Well, yea." I replied.

"Do it. Just go for it. I mean, you'd have a better chance. If me and Benj told the family we were together, they would flip and kill us. If YOU and Benj told the family YOU two were together, they wouldn't care as just do it." he said.

"What about you?" I asked; I was shocked Joel was saying this shit to me.

"I'll get over it. I'll start talking to Benji again. I've been feeling this emptiness in him lately. I'm already talking to you, so..." he trailed off. I nodded and held out my hand for him to give me a low five.

"Are we good?" I asked with a little bit of hope. He gave me a low five and while saying "good". I smiled.

"Alright! Are you gonna walk with us now or are you gonna keep pulling apart trees?" I asked, swatting a tree branch when I said 'trees'. He smiled and turned around with me. We started walking towards Benji and Billy.

*Benji's POV*
When I saw Paul and Joel walking down the street together, I thought I was in trouble.

"Benji, I'm sorry I went off on you." Joel said, "If you wanna be with Paul, that's fine by me." I was surprised. I managed to shake me head 'yes' and I started to walk again. Paul stopped me.

"Now I need to talk to you." he said.

"Ok." I said. Paul motioned for Joel and Billy to keep walking. When they were far enough away, I looked back at Paul.

"Ok, what did you wanna..." I started, but I was cut off by Paul crashing his lips into mine. I stood there, shocked, while Paul kissed me. I figured why the hell not? So I started to kiss back. When we pulled away, I stared at him, surprised.

"I'm sorry dude. But I uh...I wanna give us a chance. You know, I wanna see if we can." he said. I stood there in shock for a couple more seconds. Then I smiled and kissed him again. I hope this isn't some sick joke. I thought.
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