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i hope this is the last time cause i'd never say no to you.

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“Don’t get mad. But I think it’s time that someone beside’s me read you’re notebooks.”

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Sorry that it had been so long. Today has been the first night off from any type of work all week. Hope you like it. I've run into the problem where I have great I dea's for later on and I have them written but now I just can't wait to get to that point :P
Anyways on with the story

The rest of the night had gone with ease. We mostly talked about band stuff. Like when and where to practise and our nonexistent name. But after that first bump with Andy I realised how much of a dick I was being. Note to self. Stop being a dick.
When out checks came I noticed that our waitress had scribble her number on the bottom of my receipt. As secretly as I could I tucked it into my pocket. I wasn’t really planning on calling her. But kept it, better safe than lonely I always say. Dropping the guys off at their places I drove Ash back to my house.
“Is your mum on nights tonight?”
“Did you want to sleep over? It looks like you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”
She bit her lip. Something she did when she was nervous, “Sure, I’ll call and let my mum know when we get in.”
Hemingway greeted us at the door before dancing over to his food dish. Man could this dog eat. Ash left the room to call her mom while I filled up Hemingway’s dish.
“Everything okay?”
She smile up at me from the couch, “Yeah, wanted to say thanks for letting me stay over.”
Her mom always felt better if Ash stayed at someone else’s house while she was on nights instead of being in their house all alone. My parents were cool with the whole thing. My mom absolutely adored her.
“Pete? Are you home?”
“Yeah mom in here!”
My mom came into the kitchen with briefcase in hand, “Sorry I’m late, oh hi Ash! Have you two eaten yet?”
“Yeah we went out with a couple of friends. Is it okay is Ash spends the night?”
“Yeah sure thing sweetie, is your mom on nights?”
“yeah, thanks again for letting me stay over.”
“Nonsense! You’re always welcome here, I’m going to go and make myself some dinner, do you kids want anything?”
“No thanks mum, we’re just going to head downstairs.”

Plopping down on the couch she began channel surfing as I dug out one of my many notes books and flipped back to something that I had been working on for the last week. I wanted her opinion on something. “So... What do you think about the guys?”
“I really like them, they’re funny, and easy going. I think you’ll all get along fine. I can’t wait to hear you guys play you’re first show together!!!”
I laughed, “I doubt that will be for a while. We don’t even have any songs put together yet; much less a name.”
“The name will come on its own. As for songs, well...”
I looked over at her to see what she was hiding. Her bottom lip was being thoroughly chewed.
“Well what? Spit it out.”
“Don’t get mad. But I think it’s time that someone beside’s me read you’re notebooks.”
I clenched my teeth together refusing to say anything.
“I think you should show them to Patrick.”
“No. Fucking. Way.”

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