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I can write it better than you ever felt it

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“Ever write about me Panda?”

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But so people dont hate me more, her is the next chapter.

“Look I know that you don’t like anyone beside’s me reading them,”
“But I don’t think you realise how amazing these things you write actually are!” I grabbed the book I was holding out of my hand, “ I mean When the moonlight hits your eyes, I go blind. Maybe next time I wont tell you something stupid like I’ll never leave your side. I mean just imagine these with music behind them!”
“Pete! You have a gift. You can write feelings better than people can feel them.”
I stayed silent and took my notebook from her.
“I just figure... What’s the point in having a talent if no one is ever going to see it?”
Silence fell between us. I looked up into her ocean blue eyes.I could tell from the glint in her eyes that she wasn’t backing down.
“You’re the only one that has read these.”
She nodded.
“I think you’re the only one who can understand them. Understand me.”
“You won’t know that until you let other people see you.”
I knew she was set on it; a maybe seemed to satisfy her. But I knew it wouldn’t for long.
Putting her head on my lap, she laid down. When she began flicking from one channel to the next I began to write. And then re-write. If someone else was going to see these they had to be perfect.

Eventually we turned the TV off and headed into my room. Ash went ahead and searched in one of my drawers for a pair of boxers. I made a mental note to myself to make sure she left them here after. Last time she stole a pair and I have yet to have them returned to me.
Returning from the bathroom she flicked off the light and snuggled in underneath the covers. I switched on the lamp on my nightstand and sat on top of them beside her. She groaned and rolled over away from the light of the lamp. Away from me. I didn’t like her being far from me.
“I’m almost done, I’ll turn the light of soon.”
She only grunted in response.

It only felt like minutes later that I heard her sigh and felt her shift on the bed. Tearing my eyes away from the mess before me I looked down at her drowsy form. The minutes had been hours.
“You know when a person says their ‘almost done’ I figure they will be done within the hour,” She interrupted herself in an attempt to stifle a yawn, “It’s almost 2 o’clock.”
“Sorry, but I’m almost done.”
“That’s what you said last time. Come on Pete put the book down, we actually have to get up before noon tomorrow.”
“But it’s not right.” I whined. I was getting frustrated. I couldn’t figure out how to word the phrase to make it sound like I wanted it to.
Yawning she grabbed the book out of my way and threw in on the floor, “You can make it right tomorrow, there’s no rush.”
Sighing I tossed my pen over onto my desk and turn off the lamp that had been on for the last couple hours, and slid down underneath the blanket. I turned onto my side towards Ash. She looked at me with sleepy eyes.
“So who do you write all of this stuff about? Anyone I know?” She teasingly whispered.
“Um, well I write about myself, about people I know and care about. My dreams, my nightmares. Everything.”
She nodded slowly and yawned again. Her tiredness was starting to show through.
“Ever write about me Panda?”
I paused watching as her eyelids fall around those amazing eyes that you could get lost in.
I whispered yes to her, but when she didn’t respond I knew that she didn’t hear me.
At the time I had thought maybe that was a good thing.

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