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tongues on the sockets of electric dreams

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“No! Let go of me! HELP! Someone!” But no one could hear my cries for help. I was all alone.

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Sorry that it has been so long since the last update. I hit a bit of a snag of writers block. But I'm hoping that I have over come that. For now. haha anyways on with the story. Hope you enjoy :)

“No! Get away from me! Get off!”
It was the same nightmare that I had been having for the past month. I was trying to run out of a forest but the tree’s branches turned into sharp arms. And tried to grab me and pull me in deeper to the darkness. One caught me.
“No! Let go of me! HELP! Someone!”
But no one could hear my cries for help. I was all alone.
Kicking at the ground I was able to push myself away from the death traps. Falling forward I hit the ground and began to crawl away. I gasped in pain when I tried to get up. Looking down blood was dripping from the thorn the tree had put in my side. I gasped for air, but it only hurt more.
“Who’s there, get me out of here!”
“No, help me!”

The darkness of the forest began to slip away into the darkness of my room. And the arms of the tree morphed into Ash’s arms wrapped around me, holding me down. I jerk out of her grasp and pushed my hands to my side looking for any reminisce of a whole. But just like all the other nights nothing was there.
I tried to catch my breath but it still felt like I had the thorn in my side, “Pete are you okay?”
The words wouldn’t form in my mouth. I turned over and clutched onto her. She was solid. Real. Something I could hold onto. Worried whispers fell from her mouth.

I had had this nightmare ever since I was about seven years old. Back then my parents thought nothing of it. Figuring it was my imaginations version of a monster under the bed. At the age of 13 I stopped telling them about my nightmares. They don’t know that I still have them.

Ash had been with me on a number of occasions when I woke up from having one. Every time I had a nightmare like this she would always run her fingers through my hair until I fell back asleep. She touch was soft and gentle, the complete opposite of the monsters beneath my eyelids. Most often she would try to stay awake with me until morning. Tonight was not different.
“Shh... It’s okay, it was just a bad dream. You’re okay.”
Her words of comfort slowed the pace of my heart. Her soft whispers helped to relaxed me, but nothing could wipe the images of that place from my mind.

It was only a half hour later when I felt her fingers slow and eventually stop. Her grip on my waist loosened. But I couldn’t seem to let her go. It was another hour until I myself fell back asleep. Thankfully this time, with no dreams.

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