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i am such a sucker, and i'm always the last to know.

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Shifting back to face the front of the room I began to plot Jugsty’s slow and agonizing death.

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sorry it took so long. Writters bloc. But I have written the ending :)
you are warned that this feels slightly fillerish to me. but I'm going to start writting the next part right after I post this and will hopefully post it later tonight.

I didn’t think that school was ever going to end. Every class seemed to drag every second. I was beginning to want to pull my hair out. That or just blow off the rest of the day.
“Pete fucking sit still would you, you’re getting on my nerves,” Trick kissed from behind me.
We were in English and supposed to quietly be reading our novels. A complete waste of time if you asked me.
“I can’t, I’m bored.”
“Then find something else to do. You look like shit by the way. Didn’t you get any sleep last night?”
I was about to tell him to shove his book where the sun didn’t shine when our Teacher Mr. Jugsty stopped us.
“Boys if you want to talk do it after class.”
He was such a stiff when it came to talking in class. Turning back around in my chair I tried to concentrate on the book in front of me. But instead my eyes seemed to wander over to the clock.
Ten long agonizing minutes later I turned back around to Trick and asked him if he wanted to practise after school.
“Uh, yeah su-“
“Wentz! Stump! I’ll see you two in detention after class.”
Shifting back to face the front of the room I began to plot Jugsty’s slow and agonizing death.
I text ash telling her not to wait up for me, because of Tick and mine’s detention.
‘Figure you two would get detention. No worries I have plans. I’ll text you later.”
I didn’t remember her saying she was doing something after school. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to work. My mind wandered to what she would be up to. I flipped my phone open again ready to ask her.
“Mr. Wentz. Would you like to make it two detentions?”
I fucking hated school.

I know its short. but review anyways please :)
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