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and in the end i got and honourable mention

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Rejection and I didn’t mix well.

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Okay sorry about the sucking out loud of the last chapter. As an apology here is the next one. And I already have most of the other one planned out. So I might even get that one put up tonight too! enjoy!

The only good thing about detention was that it was quiet and they didn’t care what you did as long as you kept it that way. It gave me time to fix some of my writings. After this I was going to show Ash, and after that Patrick. I just hoped they both liked it. Rejection and I didn’t mix well.

Trick kept trying to get a look at what I was doing but I hunched over more and whispered a harsh later. The last thing I needed was more distractions.

“Alright people. Detentions over, you’re free to go,”
I stuffed everything into my messenger. Trick and I headed over to the door, “Wentz.”
What the fuck could he want now?!
“This has to be the first time you’ve ever stayed quiet in detention. Maybe it’s not too late for you to turn a new leaf after all.”
I smiled sweetly and as he turned to gather his papers flipped him off.

I served out my detention
And in the end I got an honourable mention

Trick and I decided to head over to his place and work on some music. The cold November air made us both stuff our hands into our pockets and shove our head into our jackets. My fingers grazed the side of my phone. Ash.
Dragging it out I texted her to see where she was. But it was at least 5 minutes until I got a reply back.
I’m at Gabe’s. How was detention?
Spectacular as always. I’m head over to Ticks house, we’ll stop by and pick you up.
It was another 10 minutes before I got her next reply.
Uh... yeah sure, okay see you soon.
Confused I stuffed my phone and hands back into my awaiting jean pockets, “Feel like swinging by Gabe’s? Ash is over there.”
“Sounds good, we’ll grab something to go while we’re there. I’m starving.”
I smiled brightly at his red nose, “Whatever you say Rudolph.”
Tricked laughed along, shoving me off the sidewalk, “Shut it. You don’t look any better.”

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