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the truth hurts worse than anything i could bring myself to do to you

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The only this I hated more than awkward silences was the truth.

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Okay heres the next part. I probrably wont be posting for a few days unless everyone like bombards this story with reviews. But yeah enjoy :)

Upon entering the diner I noticed the girl who had served us last time was working and gave her a polite smile and a quick node before Trick tugged on my shirt pointing over to where Ash was sitting. She was sitting with someone at a table near the windows. Catching my eye she waved us over. There was no backing out now.
“Brent, these is my best friends Pete and Patrick,”
Brent stood up to shake both of our hands, “Nice to meet you both. So I hear you guys are starting up a band?”
He and Trick got right of into taking about music, giving me time to give the guy the once over (to like that...) He wasn’t exactly prep. Or Punk. Kind of in between with a dark blue polo straight leg close fitting jeans and skate shoes. His hair was mess brown and he had a smile that he didn’t mind showing.
“Stop it,”
“Stop what?” I hissed back at her.
She simply glared back at me, “You know what.”
Trick broke out standoff, “Ready to go?”
I glanced back at Brent, “Definitely,”

I hated awkward silences. They were just so... Awkward. The word awkward is even awkward.
“So, Brent said he wanted to come out to our first show,”
“Yeah he’s really into music, I’ll be sure to bring him along.”
“So what’s up with you and him anyways?” I questioned. Trick slowed his pace and began to walk behind us.
“Oh, um... Well he asked me if I wanted to go and grab a bit to eat after school. So there you go,”
The way she fittled with her the collar of her coat that she wasn’t saying something.
“So he’s a... friend of yours?”
“You could say that... he asked me out for this Saturday.”

The only this I hated more than awkward silences was the truth.

sorry it was short again. was it any good?
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