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this crystal ball is always cloudy

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The breath was sucked out of my chest. I never should have showed him these. Nothing good could come from this. Nothing.

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wow I got a crap load of reviews so I read all of them (Thanks guys) and went right away to finish this chapter! hope you like it.

The rest of the walk to Patrick’s house was a quiet one.

After saying hello to his mum, the three of us went up to his room. And acoustic and electric guitar were placed in their stands, hats hung off every knob and hook, and the shoes! God, it looked like this kid ate, slept and breathed shoes. There was just.... So many!!!

“Sorry, it’s kind of a mess,” He said sheepishly trying to stuff some dirt clothes into a closet.
“No worries man, at least you can see the floor in your room,” I laughed grabbing a seat on his bed.
Ash took a seat on the floor by the door and started rooting around in her bag.
“So Pete, what was it that you wanted to show me?”
I didn’t need to look at her to know that Ash’s head had perked up in interest, “Oh, uh it’s nothing, really. I just wrote some stuff that you know maybe... you would use as some lyrics or something... I don’t really know.”
Trick seemed to be interested, “Sweet, I’ve been working on some stuff too. Hopefully we can put something together in time to something other can cover songs at our first show...”
I laughed nervously, “Yeah that’d kind of what I was thinking...”
I grabbed my bag from off the floor and rooted though it for a minute before finding my notebook, and begrudgingly handed over my soul to him. With questioning eyes he took it and opened it. His eyes flew down the first page before meeting mine again. I cracked my fingers.
“Let me work on this tonight and we’ll get the Joe and Andy over here tomorrow to work on it,”
The breath was sucked out of my chest. I never should have showed him these. Nothing good could come from this. Nothing.

Deciding to leave the genius to his work we grabbed the bus home. I couldn’t stop my leg from popping up and down the entire way.
“Pete don’t worry, Trick will love them,”
“You don’t know that,”
“And you don’t know that he won’t. Just wait until he actually talks about it with you tomorrow before you spaz out.”
Sighing dramatically, I rested my head on her shoulder as she continued to read her book.
“You better be right,”
She grinned, “Always am!”

I was so anxious the next day I could barely get out of the house to go to school. If Trick could make anything out, or worse thought they were shit, I wasn’t sure what I would do. I bounced my leg up and down as I watched the clock tick forward.
My phone vibrated.
Go to school Pete. He’s going to love them.
Leave it to her to be able to read my mind and voice my fears.
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