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Dance Dance

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A school dance, starbucks, and guns have in common? ItaNaru, KyuuSaus

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I don't own Naruto, just this plot.


Walking through the high school dance room, which consisted of a large gym and high school students stood towards the edge of the room not wanting to be known as the school weirdo for dancing. The doors suddenly opened and everyone seemed to turn and look. Two upperclassmen walked in, the two hottest boys, Itachi and Kyuubi.

Everyone knew who they were or have heard of them, but what made them untouchable was the fact that they were gay. People would think that they would go out with each other, being the hottest couple in school, but they weren't.

Looking around the gym they found the dance floor the most interesting, striding over to the middle people soon followed. Now the dance was in full swing.

Itachi left Kyuubi and headed over to a good looking blonde who stood by the fruit punch bowl; pouring a concerning substance that looked like it would spike the punch.

Standing behind the smaller boy, "what are you doing?"

The smaller boy turned and almost turned over the table, "nothing, why do you ask, Uchiha-san?" Naruto was known as the class clown or the school clown for all the pranks he pulled on all his teachers.

Itachi smirked and leaned in closer to the smaller boy, "well if you plan on spiking the punch, you might want to get rid of the bottle and hide somewhere, because when Tsunade finds out, by some innocent by-standard, you don't want to get pounded into the ground," Naruto blushed and hid the bottle in his shirt pocket.

Naruto looked around, adults at every door, "well, where are you going to go Naruto? All the doors are blocked and school is closed off," Itachi whispered in his ear. Naruto staggered back with weak knees and gripped the table.

"I don't know," he mumbled. His heart pounded in his chest as Itachi stepped forward and stuck Naruto between the table and himself.

"Why don't you follow me?" Itachi lick the rim of Naruto ear feeling him quiver underneath his touch. He wrapped his arms around Naruto's lithe figure, "pretend you pass out and I'll get you out of here scott-free," He felt the head trimmer up and down and feel it slump slowly.

Itachi lifted the body up bridle-style and carried it toward the exit in the dark from on looking eyes.

"Itachi, what's going on?" asked Kakashi looking at the body he carried weightlessly. Itachi just smirked, "he fainted, and I'm going to go outside and get him some air, and probably take him home. But I think there is a little dolphin on the other side of the gym just a little hot also, maybe you should go talk to him."

Kakashi giggled and ran off to the other side of the gym going to through tangles of bodies. Itachi took the chance to get outside before someone who real did care enough to take over for him. Reaching the doors he opened them with his back and pushed outside to the cold, looking down at the small body it huddled into his chest as he walked.

Unlocking his car he set the body on the seat and walked around to his door and starting to car, and speeding off towards the city, "Naruto, are you awake?" he asked slowing down at the light. A light moan sounded from the blond body, but not completely waking.

Itachi smirked and grabbed the loudest C.D. he own and put it in, turning up the volume to max, and a few second later the music blared waking the blond body.

"What the hell?!" he screamed over the music, his heart pounding as his arm shook a little. Itachi turned it down to a reasonable level and chuckled.

"Sorry, but I'm driving and I couldn't kiss to wake you unless you would like to die," said Itachi sarcastically smirking, leaning over just a little.

Naruto blush a deep shade of red, shaking his head, "where are we going anyways?" he asked looking at the street signs.

"A dance club," Naruto paled a little, good thing it was dark, "called shadow fox" Itachi continued.

Naruto paled even more, "um... couldn't we just go to a coffee shop, I kind of have a headache from the dance at the school," he stated softly.

Itachi chuckled, "of course, but you will have to let me take you there sometime! It's really cool, and it has some of the most exotic dancers that come on the stage. It's all legal, nothing like pole dancers, just clean cut dancing, and no alcohol, to high school kids are the least popular there, more of college scene," explained Itachi turning into a starbucks coffee shop parking lot.

Naruto got out of the car and up to the doors with Itachi behind him, paying for their own coffee they sat off to the dark corner talking softly.

Talking about teachers to music to food (which took up the most time), Naruto got a solemn look on his face as he sat back against the chair.

"What's wrong?" asked Itachi noticing the change in Naruto immediately.

"I really liked this, not most people talked to me like this, like getting to know me. I don't want to end this, I like listening to you," explained Naruto looking deeply into Itachi's eyes as tears rimmed his eyes slowly.

"Then don't let it be, I would like to talk to you too. How about meet here next Saturday say about 8, that'll give us enough time," suggest Itachi in understanding.

Naruto was shocked and beamed with happiness, "Yeah, of course!" a small petit lady walked over.

"I'm sorry but we need to close up shop," Naruto blushed and stood saying sorry.

Itachi followed after him unlocking the car, both nicely dressed men sat on the plushed seats, "wait what time do they close?!"

"10, but its 10:30, why?" starting the car hearing the music start up again.

"Shit, I got to get home! My... parents are going to kill me!" He gave directions along the way, "stop here, if he finds out I was out with someone I'll have a beat down!" Itachi frowned.

Scribbling something on the paper, "whenever you need someone to talk to you, I'll be there," leaning over Itachi brushed his lips to Naruto, soft and warm with a hint of coffee. Naruto closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss.

Itachi pulled away first and smiled at Naruto clumsiness. Peeling off the street, Naruto went up the steps of the apartment. Opening and closing the door, he tipped toed to his room, passing the kitchen along the way.

"Where the hell have you been, I said to be home at 9:30, its 11:00!" roared a male voice. A muscular red head came from the kitchen, his beer belly bounced a little when he walked.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I promise!" cried Naruto cowering in fear pushing back up against the wall behind him. A fist came down hard on his face dropping the paper that Itachi scribbled on, "what's this?"

"It's nothing, give that back!" he jumped for it, but it was no use as his father towered over him.

"What the hell, did someone give you their number? What for, you're a whore!" Naruto ran to his room, "Whore get back here!" bellowed his father.

His father pushed past the little attempt to block him, "If you're a whore, I'm going to treat you like one!"

Naruto cowered in the corner, finding an opening he took running beside him and getting out of his room, and to his fathers knowing where the gun was, "please, stop!" pulling out the gun from the bed side draw.

His father was in a full out rage only seeing red, not noticing the gun, "get back here you whore!"

As Naruto's father stepped closer, "No!" one shot, he still ran to him, "stop!" another. He fell to the floor watching the blood spill out beneath the body.

Tears fell from his eyes as he looked at the dead body of his father. Running to the phone he dialed 911, "Please state your emergency."

"I need an ambulance!" rambling off his address, he collapsed on the ground still holding the gun in one hand and the phone in the other. Rocking back and forth, the lady tried to calm him down as the ambulance came to his apartment.

The slammed the door open scaring Naruto, to drop the phone and scramble back to a wall, police walked in to observe the scene. Walking slowly over to Naruto, "please hand me the gun, boy" said the younger officer.

"No, I don't want to get hurt!" cried Naruto, "he'll hurt me!" Tears fell down his eyes, hugging the gun to his body.

"He's not going to hurt you anymore, I promise! We'll set our guns down at the same time, okay?" suggest the officer. Naruto looked in the happy eyes and followed the same movements to set the gun down.

Naruto latched on to the man not letting go for anything. The other officer cleared the place and let the ambulance team in to get to his father, but it was already too late.

"What is your name?" asked the officer.

"Naruto Uzumaki," he stated quietly.

"Naruto, we need to take you down to the station, okay. Just need to ask some questions," explained the officer. Naruto nodded but he never let go of the officer.

Lifting up the small boy, he was light, very light. Moving to the police car, the police officer sat in the back with him.

"What's your name?" asked Naruto quietly on the ride there. He looked down at Naruto.

"Deidara and that is Tobi," Naruto nodded and was silent for the rest of the ride there. Gripping the small piece of paper tightly and calmed down a little thinking about Itachi.

Hearing the car engine turn off, he followed Deidara to a room with a table and four chairs.

Stuffing the paper in his pocket he let go of Deidara and sat down, surprising both of the officers, "Naruto there are going to be a couple of detectives to take your statement and ask you questions, they'll be real nice, okay?" Naruto nodded and watch them leave.

Waiting only a few minutes, a male and a female detective walked in with a folder, "hello," she stated first, "I'm detective Monroe and that is detective Hartinger."

"Hi, I'm Naruto," he smiled slightly, shaking a little at detective Hartinger.

They went through the traditional age, where you live, and school, all the boring stuff. They asked him to tell them what happen and he told them breaking down a couple times, from when he arrived home to the time Officer Deidara came and got him.

He signed the formal papers, "Where am I going to go?"

Detective Monroe smiled, "we are going to go and find your mother, but in the mean time, if you have any relatives that could take you in, I would call them,"

"I don't have in relatives near by, I don't have anywhere I can go," he frowned looking down in disappointment.

Detective Hartinger spoke, "there is a cot in a room over here you can sleep on until we find your mother that sound good?" Naruto beamed surprising the two detectives.

"A bed?!" they nodded and lead him to the bed, passing out on it quickly.
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