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chapter 2

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it's chapter twooooooooooo

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Chapter Two

“Hey, Naruto, wake up,” said Deidara sitting on the bed next to him. A light stir move the sheets.
Naruto jumped out of the bed, “No, don’t hurt me!” he screamed. Deidara jumped back surprised.
Naruto ran out of the room and into a muscled body falling to the ground, he looked up shocked, “Naruto, calm down, no one is going to hurt anymore,” said detective Monroe.
“N-n-Naruto?!” He looked over to the small lithe women who stood behind the muscled man with red hair, bright red hair.
He stood up and smiled, “yes, I’m Naruto,” she ran over to him and hugged him tightly.
“You’re the kid Itachi was talking about,” Naruto looked over the women shoulder at the taller muscled man.
“Itachi! He talked about me?” the muscled man took off his glasses, Kyuubi Kitsune that was his name.
“Naruto, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you!” she ignored what Kyuubi just said, “Naruto, I’m your mother. Why is he here to beginning with, did he do something wrong?” looking at the detective Hartinger.
“He, well, he killed your ex-husband in self-defense. He was sexually abusing Naruto. Naruto called the police because he killed him, and that is how we got a hold of you,” he explained, she tightened her hold on him.
Kyuubi stepped forward, “would it be alright if we took him home, he has probably been through enough of questions and interrogation.”
They nodded and Naruto’s mother gave information to contact them with. Walking to a nice car, “Naruto, I forgot to introduce you to your older brother. This is-“
“Kyuubi Kitsune, we go to school together,” Kyuubi smiled at him showing him all his teeth.
“I know, you’re Itachi-kun’s friend,” Naruto smiled back the same smile. Their mom sighed, “You two are actin’ like brothers already!”
Naruto blushed and Kyuubi glared at their mother, sitting in their car, “Naruto, where would you like to eat? Anywhere special?” she asked politely looking in the rear-view mirror.
His face beamed at the sound of food; “I would love some ramen!” they laughed and went to a good ramen restaurant.

“Naruto, so what classes are you taking at school?” Naruto smiled, he loved to talk about school, and it made him feel proud of him self being able to accomplish something.
“I take all advance placement honor classes, choir, and art, I love to sing and draw. I wish I could get some of my pictures from the apartment, but I understand if we can’t,” they were both amazed. Most students feared taking even two honor classes. The homework they assign is astronomical sometimes.
Kyuubi had to ask, “What kind of grades do you get?” Naruto laughed a little understanding.
“I make straight A’s and the occasional high B, I’m just really gifted at school, it comes very easy to me. I want to become a teacher or a singer someday,” he smiled fondly at his thoughts.
After that they talked about living in their home and getting his stuff when he’s ready.
His mother looked down Naruto noticed quickly; “Mum, what’s wrong?” tears fell from her face as she shook.
“I feel like I have missed out on your life, like I failed you some how!” she cried.
Naruto smiled at her, “My life is just beginning, and I have my family back. When we get home, we’ll make memories of our own and you can be proud of who I am and who I’ll become. Right that is all I want is for you to be proud of me!” he took her hand and held it tightly.
She still cried, happily though, as though nothing could go wrong in the world anymore.

Walking into the large house, Naruto was mesmerized by the beauty of it. Following Kyuubi up the stairs, “that is my room right there, Mom and Genma are over there, and you’re right here. You can paint it any color you want it, but it’s red and black right now. Oh, and you’ll meet Genma tonight for dinner,” Naruto took everything in as he looked at the large room.
The walls were black with a blood red trim, a four poster bed a night stand, a book case that stood taller that him, a desk and a laptop. It was a pretty basic room, but Naruto could spice it up a bit, when he had the time.
“All of this is for me?” he asked talking slowly looking at the book case full of books on various things.
“There is a full wardrobe in the closet, all hand me downs, but they should fit you. Do you by any chance have your licenses?” smirked Kyuubi getting a sly look his eyes.
Naruto nodded as he headed over to the walk-in closet, opening the doors. Everything was very nice and clean, he looked at everything shoes, hats, bracelets, necklaces, shirts, and pants, “Wow!”
“Naruto, how old are you?” he asked.
“17, why?” he stood in front of Kyuubi about to the middle of his chest.
“I just turned 18, you don’t look the age, at all!” he said shocked.
Naruto chuckled, “I get that a lot. I was wondering, could you take to me to get my stuff from the apartment, all my school and art stuff is over there?”
The door bell rang, “Why not, let me go see who is at the door first? Come on!” they rushed down to the bottom of the stairs.
The door slammed open, “Kyuubi, get your friend away from me!” yelled a blue haired boy about Naruto’s age.
“Oh, so now he is my friend, well he is your brother!”
Itachi walked through the door looking around, “where is he? I want to meet your little brother!”
Naruto got a little frighten by all the quick commotion and hid behind Kyuubi, holding on to his shirt.
Kyuubi patted Sasuke’s head and put his around his shoulder and kissed him lightly, “so where is he?”
Kyuubi turned and pulled Naruto off his, “It’s alright come on let go,” Naruto let go slowly looking between everyone.
Itachi looked quizzically, “you never told me he was your brother!”
Kyuubi looked angry, “I didn’t know, I found out this morning, give me a break, we just got home. Actually we were on our way out, if you would like to join us you can,” as he lead Sasuke by the waist to the car. The other two followed, Itachi smiled down on Naruto grabbing his hand, “you have a great brother Naruto, I’m sorry, but he told me everything that he knows, that you told him. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, so I would hope you let me have the honor of being your boyfriend, so no one can hurt you any longer.”
Naruto was shocked, but smiled, “I would love to be your boyfriend. I have actually fancied you for a while,” the other two boys yelled from the garage, and they followed the voices.
“Come one Dobe, we don’t have all day!” yelled Sasuke, Naruto looked down ashamed but got in the back seat.
Itachi sat behind Sasuke only to flick him on the ear, “don’t call my boyfriend a Dobe! He’s been through enough, he doesn’t need you on his back also!” complained Itachi flicking him again.
Sasuke got red in the face and looked at Naruto’s scared expression, turning back around Kyuubi drove out of the garage and out of the drive away. Naruto gave directions and they all soon arrived.
Everything smelled sterile and clean, nothing like before, of smoke and alcohol. Ignoring everything else in the apartment, they headed straight to his room. It only consisted of a little mat and a coffee table against a wall that stood as a desk. Putting all his books in his bag, he pulled the coffee table out from the wall and lifted up the top. A secret hiding spot, all his art supplies and books laid in there. Putting all the pictures in a file bag he grabbed the other books. At the bottom of the mess was a picture, a picture of his mother and older brother. He looked nothing like in the picture being only an infant at the time. Naruto picked that up also and a necklace with a locket. Putting it around his neck the others looked amazed.
He literally had nothing, completely nothing. He smiled, “Let’s go home, our real home.” They all nodded and left the place with no regrets what so ever.
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