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Chapter 3

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It's chapter 3!!!!!!!!!!

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Me don't own Naruto, just this plot-line!

Chapter 3

Naruto walked into his new home feeling at peace for the first time in his life, he smiled lightly. Sasuke and Kyuubi walked to Kyuubi’s room, and Itachi and Naruto to his room. Naruto opened his back pack and put his books away in the book self while Itachi went through his pictures.
All the pictures had great tone and shade quality, giving it the look of something real. Some of the pictures were images of students playing sports, some in classes, and walking from classes.
“Naruto, these are all really… Amazing!” exclaimed Itachi getting farther in the large pile. Some of the pictures changed into family scenes and death scenes, dark pictures, feelings of being scared, broken, and sad. Itachi had chills run and down his spine.
“Thanks,” he responded quickly, blushing. Turning on the computer, he pulled out a camera, “hey Itachi!”
Itachi looked up and saw a flash. Blinking it out of his eyes while smearing the tears he didn’t know flow free.
Naruto looked at the picture and frowned that he was crying, but downloaded it to his computer anyways. Placing it as his back ground he then smiled. Looking back him, “Now don’t you look hott!” exclaimed Naruto
Itachi frowned but then got a sly look, “want to go and surprise Kyuubi and Sasuke? They should be making out by now!”
Naruto smirked, getting up from his chair they moved as quietly as possible to his room. Having forgotten to close the door, Itachi and Naruto opened it slowly getting a perfect view of Kyuubi’s ass bear naked. Naruto took the picture having it flash, getting the attention of Sasuke, but Kyuubi was distracted too much by Sasuke’s hand.
Sasuke let go immediately and pushed Kyuubi off him, “What the hell are you doing?!” pouncing on Naruto. He looked completely terrified as Sasuke pulled his fist back and punched Naruto in the chest as he struggled to get free.
“Guh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry! Please, don’t hurt me! I promise, I won’t do it again!” He continued that well after Sasuke got pushed off by Kyuubi and Itachi.
“Naruto, it’s okay, no one is going to hurt, I promise! Sasuke has stop, he won’t hurt you anymore. Naruto please come back!” exclaimed Itachi tears falling lightly from his eyes. Kyuubi tried also, but no luck getting through.
Itachi leaned forward kissing him lightly, finally getting him to come back to their world he latched on to Itachi.
“Take him back to his room and let him rest until dinner with Genma,” Itachi nodded following those orders.
Kyuubi looked at Sasuke who glared at the retreating forms of Itachi and Naruto, never looking at Kyuubi.
Kyuubi stood and sat on the bed. Sasuke stood and glared at Kyuubi now, “what the hell is your guy’s problem, why is that kid so damn sensitive? I never knew Itachi had a thing for children,” Sasuke mocked.
“He’s not a child! He’s older than you!” Kyuubi snapped watching Sasuke’s face contorted into strange expressions, “first sit down and I’ll explain everything, and you just have to listen, okay?”
Sasuke numbly sat in the computer chair, and listened as much as he could take in, “so he was sexually abused by your guy’s father?” Kyuubi nodded, “and is 17?” nodded, “and is in all advanced placement honor classes?” another nod.
Sasuke sat back finally relaxing after listening to Kyuubi’s story, feeling guilt run through him like fire with gasoline.
“Oh my god, I’m such an idiot!” he exclaimed loudly, Sasuke ran over to Naruto’s room and found him messing around in the closet and Itachi at the computer.
He shut the door to the closet getting Naruto’s attention, “I’m sorry. Kyuubi explained to me what to you and what I did to you that made you so upset, I’m sorry,” Naruto smiled and walked over to him and then passed him.
Opening the door, “Itachi, do you know where I set that picture I was working on?” Itachi starred at the computer more and turned around to see Sasuke, “yeah, it’s at the head of the bed,”
Naruto it found quickly and walked back in front of Sasuke, “here,” it was a simple rose, delicate and fragile, but strong and sturdy, it was exactly what Sasuke was. Everyone knew that Sasuke was not one for showing emotions, but he couldn’t help him self to not hug Naruto.
Naruto giggled and smile broadly. Hearing yelling coming from down stairs everyone followed, it didn’t sound angry more like excited and overjoyed.
Kyuubi entered the kitchen to see Genma and their mom smiling and laughing, “What’s going on, we heard yelling,”
“No, no yelling, your mother was telling me some great news! Where is Naruto, I want to meet him!” Kyuubi smiled and stepped aside showing Naruto.
Genma dropped the wine glass and his brief case, everything scattered or chattered on the floor. They locked eyes as Naruto started to hyperventilate. He never wanted to see this man ever again; everyone frowned at their reactions for each other. Naruto ran out of the kitchen and towards the stairs before he collapsed in a heap, gasping for air.
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