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The Limo has just crashed into the middle of no where what will they do?

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"Baby wake up" I can hear Gerard faintly calling me, But my eyes just wont seem to open.

"Come on" he starts to whimper.

Oh how i want to open my eyes to him.
To tell him Im ok. To end his tears. But my eyes just wont seem to open. My whole body aches.
There is what i presume is Blood, running down my forehead and every now and then i feel one of Gerards Tears splash on my cheek.

I can see a light in the distance even though my eyes are closed. I know that must be the end over there and I musnt go there, for then its all over.

I use every inch of my energy to open my eyes and it seems like an endless battle that I will never win.

Then I succed opening them to see a tragic yet beautiful sight.

There Is Gerard looking over me, crying. I have never seen him like this, he is truley petrified.
I look around him only to see a wreak.
We are still in the Limo but it seems sooo different now.
The comfy seats and muddy and broken.

Gerard Helps me to sit up propley.
Then i see one of the most horrifing sights i have seen in my life.

The Driver is there on the bonnet of the limo. His body twisted and his face cut up. He is gone From this world, leaving behind his family and friends.

I turn and put my head on Gerard's shoulder.

"Whats that smell?" I ask .

"Oh no we have to go. Its the gas leaking this car might blow up!"

Gerard grabs his bag and my hand bag and throws it out the shatered window. Then he slides out the door. Once he is out he reaches in for me then lifts me up like a Princess and runs.

Then With a massive Boom The Car expoleds. Throwing Gerard and I into the forest.

Again I shut my eyes. Then theres a thud and everything goes quite.
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