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Wake up call

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Now where do We go to shelter from this crule fate?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2008-01-31 - Updated: 2008-02-01 - 334 words

I open my eyes I feel so weak but i know its not over yet.
Gerard is on top of me but he is draped like rag doll his long black hair on my face.

"Gerard?" I whimper my lungs seem to be only letting in fractures of air.

"Gerard baby are u alright?" I start to panic.

"Gerard!" I cry.

He is gone isnt he? He's really gone from me.

Then i hear a murmor.

"Hmmmm" Gerard groans "I'll feel that in the morning"

I giggle softly. Even laughing hurts.
he rolls of me and pulls me next to him and holds me close.

We lay there in the dark only the fire from the car lighting up the area. We talk for awhile about nothing really just trying to keep our minds off everything.

Then i realise how cold it really is I start to shake as the cold wind picks up. Then comes the rain. Soft at first then it gets harder and harde and we cant just lay there any longer.

"Come on Beautiful lets find some where to stay " Gerard says as he lifts me up and carries me away.

Its a miracle the fire from the limo didnt spred. But it was fine then slowly it died down and stoped.

Gerard and i searched for a while and then setteled down under some bushes near a river. We spent the night there. I thought it would be hard to sleep in the middle of who knows where at night in the cold. But Gerard was there, holding me tight, close to him, Protecting me from everything as allways.

in the morning, when all was light, I awoke to bird singing but no Gerard.
I start to worry. Im lost with out him.

Then after what seems like a life time he returns with a grin on his face to mask up his worry.

"I've found a place for us to stay its over there under the water fall."
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