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things get steamy as the duo find shelter. ( I HAVE EDITED THIS ONE SO READ IT AGAIN)

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Gerard helps me up.
We set off, Gerard Eager to show me what he has found.
We walk over to the the river and start to walk down following it.
Then in the distance I can see it. A beautiful waterfall.

"There it is" gerard smiles at me.

i look at it. Not questioning how we could shelter from the storm clouds that are not far off.

I look around hoping to see little shelter.

"look over there, past the waterfall" Gerard insists.

Then I see it.
There it is.
Just behind the waterfall is an entrance to what looks like a cave.
It could be a wild animals home but it looks pretty abandoned.
Gerard holds my hand and walks me over to it.
Inside is it pretty big, About the size of a large bedroom.
Its defineatly not a 5 star resort but for where we are its fine.

We quikly settle into the cave.
Its cold but it shelters us from the wind and rain.

"You wait here, I'll be right back."
Gerard says as he kisses me on the head and go out into the forest.

Now its just me, alone again.
I feel cold and worried. I feel soo tired and weak but i know i have to be strong for gerards sake.
Im soo hungry and thirsty but I cant complain because Gerards probally hungry aswell.

I sit there and wait.
After what seems like a hours Gerard returns with it arms full of berries and wild fruit.

I dont know how he did it, but he found food in the middle of nowhere.

"hungry?" He asks handing me some fruit and nuts.

"Dig in theres plenty more where that came from."

We ate for awhile then just sat and talked.

After abit Gerard got up and started to leave.

"I'll be right back i just rembered something."

Then again I am alone.
I love that guy.
I could spend my whole life right beside him.

"Awww" i wince. My stomach feels a bit weird. I wonder wats wrong.
did I hurt it when we crashed?

After a while the pain goes away.
Could it be some hting i ate? Maybe thoes Berries were poision. I hope not, That means Gerard would be in pain aswell.

Not long after Gerard returns holdind both of our bags. The ones he through out of the limo befor it exploded.

"look what i found" he says whilst still smileing.

I smile back at him. My hand bag has no clothes in it just my "Monthly" girl stuff and a few other girly things like a pregnancy test incase when Gerard and i where away we werent "safe".

Gerards opens his sports bag and gets out every thing inside it.

He pulls out his gym clothes and a spair pair of clothes, A box of protien bars and a bottle of water.

Then I remeber, Im still in my dress.
My once beautifuly, elegent, new prom dress.
Now it just looks like rags. Its muddy and torn and missing all the jewelery i had been wearning are either lost or broken.

I had been wearing Gerards grandmothers necklace, i HAD been wearing it.

"Wanna come and wash you'r self in the river?" i ask Gerard as i walk over to the entrance.

"sure, i'd love to" he says as he takes his shirt off.

He reavles his beautifuly rip body. Its just perfect. Not to muscley, but not to flabby...PERFECT.

He walks over to me and helps to unzip my dress. it falls around my ankles.

He takes of his shorts as I walk over to the river.

I glance back to see him there, looking hot as ever.

He comes over then we walk into the water.

At first we just bathe but then it gets to much to bear. He walks over and holds me close. We start to make out at first. Slowly he undoes my bra strap.

I kiss him all down his chest then down to his underwear and slide them of.
We share a moment, mouth to penis. I take my panties of and we do it. In the water.

He is so strong yet gentle. Its amazing.

Before it got too dark we CArries me back to the cave back inside the cave.still passionately kissing.

He lays me downm on the makeshift bed. then he lies down next to me amd we do it again.

Oh the love we share, This bond can not be broken.
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