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How to save a life

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Its now the morning and i up before Gerard for once. I kiss him lightly before i set off. Gerard had gave me the singlet and draw string shorts that he got out of his bag, to wear. I walk out side on the rocky ledge.

But to my surprise its raining. Well i should of seen it coming those storm clouds weren't that far away. I keep on walking on the ledge but then..........

I Slip on the wet rocks and fall into the river, hitting my head on the way down.

I bob up for air and scream ¨GERARD!¨

I had hit my head badly and the wound was gushing out blood. I feel drowsy, unable to keep my head above the water. i cant really move any more. my vision is going blurry and my eyes are shutting as i sink.

But then i see Gerard, He must of heard me. He looks down and then he seeĊ› me. my eyes are almost fully shut by now but i can faintly see his figure through the water.

Im Sinking faster now and my lungs cannot hold on any longer. They feel like there collapsing. I let go of the last bit of air i have left. I watch it bubble up to the surface then disappear into the air. MY eyes are shut now. My body asleep. I'm leaving.

I can feel the water around me dragging me down to a worser fate. BUT THEN.... i feel something grab me and push me up. Its Gerard!

He pulls me to the surface but by then i cannot breath i am filled with water.
Every thing goes black.

The next thing i know, Gerard's there, over the top of me, in the cave. He is crying whilst giving me mouth to mouth.
He tilts me to the side and out comes allot of water. I take my first breath of air in what seems like a life time.

He close to him.

¨Are you alright baby?¨ he sobs.

¨mmm"i whipmer i cant seem to get any real words out. I have lost my energy. Left it there in the water.

Gerard carries me over to the bed and we lay there all day and night.
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