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When it rains,it pours

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2008-02-04 - Updated: 2008-02-08 - 568 words

Its morning and i have just woken up and guess what ITS STILL RAINING!
I guess this is about day 9 here or somthing and it has rained every single friggin day.

I can hear it outside hitting the river. I try to stand up but i just fall into a heap, walking up Gerard.

"Morning, Baby" he says between stretching.

Awww he is soo cute when he wakes up. I thought it was impossible for him to look any cuter.

"Are you alrite,baby you scared me sooo much, Im never letting you out of my sight, Never ever, I couldnt live with out You" Gerard says getting all emotional.

I give him a smile (as i blush)
I love this man and he shows me every day he loves me back.

I drift off as he hugs me close to his shirtless chest.

OUCH my stomch. I whince in agony. What is wrong with me?

"whats wrong baby, you'r alright arnt you" he worries.

"yeah fine" I lie i dont want to worry him anymore.
My swollen stomach pounding. What could be wrong with me?

I stay there in his arms waiting for the pain to pass.

After a long time the pain goes away.
We get up and make some food out of the nuts fruit and protien bars we have. Then we lay back down and drift off again.

Its really weird i feel soo weak, and tired and I have been sleeping for about 3 days, and not once has Gerard left my side.

"Whats that on my feet? Its cold and wet" I wonder then start to open my eyes. All i can hear is rain. I Look down at my feet. Water? howd this get here? I try to get out of bed but for some reason i cant. I look at Gerard and remember he's arms are tightly around me so nothing will happen. Awwwww.

I wake him up.

"baby im scared" i cry to him.

he streches and yawns.

"What about baby?" he sleeplily asks.

"Sit up Gerard, The river has flooded its in our cave."

The next few minutes are filled with panic as he rushes to grab our stuff.

He picks me up. And hold me above the knee high water at the bottom of the cave. Gerard carries me out of the cave throung the waist high water outside from the flooded river.

We walk and walk and walk through the rain untill he can walk no more. We find a spot to stay over night where its not flooded and we drift off.

The morning proves dangerous as the river has almost reached our little hidding spot so we get up and walk off.

I Struggle to walk. I dont know why but im just so tired it might have something to do with the fact that i have been throughing up in the mornings. Gerard and I think that it might have something to do with the fact i hit my head hard. But that doesnt explain why my stomach is getting bigger. Malnutrition? i dont know. All i know is that i must keep walk. Gerard is practically holding me up.

Then we hear something.

"Is that what I think it is?" Gerard smiles.

My face lights up.

"A ROAD" He cries as he scoops me up and runs int the direction of the noise.
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