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At the end of the world

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Gerard scoops me up and runs toward the road.
We wait. and wait. and wait in the rain.
untill finally a car!
Gerard waves his arms and i wave meine. The car is aproaching and it seems to be slowing.

"HELP!" Gerard yells as the car winds down its window befor it gets to us.
I little old lady sticks her haed out the window.

"What are you to children doing out here in the middle of no where with a storm like this brewing?" she asks

"What storm" I stutor.

"Huricane Diablo of course"

"Pardon?" gerard questions.

"ARGGH" my stomach i cant hold it any longer the pain is too much.

"Are you alright baby?" gerard looks at me worried sick .

"COme on children get in the car and you can tell me you'r story on the way. The storm is to close for us all to be caught in it, and my husband Frank is a docter so i get him to look at you darling, just hold on okay" and with that we hoped into the car and drove off.

My stomach is swollen and it's hurting sooo much. Gerards holding me close to him as he explains what happened to us. Dot(the old lady) offered for us to stay with her untill the storm passes. SHe also says that Frank (her husband) must take a look at me.

I clutch my swollen stomach as we drive into the garage of theier beautiful house.

"come in quickley, We still have to do alot of planing!" dot says frantically.

We help carry her bags of shopping in and then she gets out some clothes.
"There is a bathroom around the corner but yo only have 5 miniutes for the both of you to use it because if the storm starts and lightning strikes you will be gonneres, Here are some clean clothes" she says as she walks away.
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