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A bump in the road

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I know the chapter is reallly short but i think its better for the effect:D

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After the romantic shower Gerard and I share, we get dressed and go to the basement with Frank and dot.

Frank looks at me holding my swollen stomach.

"How far along ar you sweetie?" he asks.

"PArdon? what do you mean far along?" I say getting all offened. Is this old man calling me fat?

"You'r pregnant arnt you?" he asks even though he seems sure of himself.

"Umm i dont think so?" i say now im actually worrrying if this old man is correct.

He asks me to lay down on his doctors bead. Its lucky for me that he actually runs his own maternal ward and operates it in his basement.
After a few tests he looks at m with an awkward smile.

"Yep just as i though. You are 5 months pregnant. Ha i though you would have plabally know by this stage. Kids these day soo damn blind."

I squeeze gerards hand.

"I'm what?" Im happy but also very scared. How could i have not seen this coming i mena my slender figure has now become big and round like a watermellon and i still didnt know. But still that does not explain the pain.

SO thats that im going to be a mommy.

"BAby!" gerard smile at me." we are going to be Parents!"
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