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Affection From Different Ways

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Chapter 1. Gerard struggles a little in his class. And the beginning of my story!

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Hello ladies and gents. Boys and girls. New story, finally, that's not a one-shot! Well hopefully, if you guys like it I'll keep the chapters coming! But, there is one thing I NEED to say. Ahem /

I got some beautiful reviews from some people who read Without Them, I Dont' Walk Alone. They made me feel incredible. It's hard to explain what I felt while writing it. It was even harder to explain the feeling you get. Thank you all who read and reviewed.

And to Felixx...Wow your comment...Amazed me: /Amen to that.
I know exactly how you feel. Really well written too.They'd be proud. =)/

Thank you so much for that! Okay, on with the story. I just had to let them know how much their reviews meant to me. So, to the storymobile!


“Okay, now that we have finished the first equation together. You guys can have a go." The teacher said smiling broadly. She scanned the room, obviously looking for someone who couldn't answer the question. In other words someone who was hiding behind his or her textbook. Mrs. Keen A made up name people.) Took another quick glance, before she decided who was going to answer the question. Well attempt to answer it, anyway. "Ah ha, Mr. Way." She said as Gerard groaned making people laugh. "Mr. Way, please answer the question." Gerard straightened up in his chair, squinting to see the board from way far back as he always chose to sit in the back room.

"Uh." He said. "Two hundred…and…forty…one…three?" He said questioning his own answer.

The teacher sighed, causing more chuckles from the class. "No Mr. Way, the answer is 20. Next time please pay attention". She said, annoyed by Gerard's scrunched up face. "Have you been paying any attention this lesson?" She said placing a hand on her hip. Gerard shook his head yes, covering his face with his hand from embarrassment.

"What? Uh, yeah. I have." He said

"Do not lie to me." She said even more annoyed.

"I'm not lying. I swear."

"Show me the work you have been doing Gerard. That's if you have been doing anything this lesson." She said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I-I, err." He stuttered. "I, umm."

"Well what have you been doing?" She said quickly walking up to his desk.

"N-Nothing." He said stuttering, also trying to hide his comic book he was reading during the lesson.

"Nothing?" She said as a tone of anger filled her voice. "Nothing?!" She repeated again making Gerard jump. "Gerard how do you attempt to pass this lesson. Your exams are coming up. And that goes for all of you. " She said looking around the room. "Well?" She said staring back down at Gerard.

"Well what?" he asked quietly.

"About your exams Gerard!" She said crossing her arms.

"I'll study when I get home, I promise." He said throwing his hands up in defence.

"You promise?" She said as she pulled a disgusted face.

"Yeah, look I'll even pinkie swear." He said sticking his pinkie out. Mrs. Keen rolled her eyes, frustrated may I add. But, before she could leave something caught her eye. She looked down at Gerard's desk, and saw what looked like a comic sticking out of Gerard’s workbook. "Mr. Way. Care to explain what this is." She said picking it up with her hands and flicking through it.

"What, what is?'' He asked.

"This!" She yelled shoving them comic book in his face.

"Oh that. It helps me...concentrate." He said, plastering a fake smile on his face as he ran a hand through a messy hair.

"Well, I can guarantee you will need a lot more of these then." She said laughing softly. Even more students giggled, making Gerard blush even more. Mrs. Keen walked back to her desk, putting the comic book in her draw. "Oh, and Gerard." She said causing him to look up. “Yeah?” He replied.

"Aren't you a little old for Batman?" She asked snickering as the bell went. He rolled his eyes as the bell rang indicating everyone could go home. "Everyone be quick. I’m not waiting around forever.” She said. Gerard quickly shoved all his books and into his bag, as passing students glanced at him. He zipped up his bag, throwing it over his shoulder.

Gerard walked quickly down the halls. He was desperate to get out of that school. The halls were packed with students jumping around, also desperate to get out. You could definitely tell it was Friday. He made it outside without getting shoved, which was a miracle. He waited outside the school gates for his brother. He was usually late. After a few minutes of waiting, which seemed like hours for Gerard, Mikey finally made an appearance. He wasn’t alone; he was with his best friend of many years. Her name was Julie. (I chose a random name.) Her black hair, which wad dyed, rested on her shoulders. Her black Misfits shirt that went with it. Gerard had always had a crush one her. But he would never tell Mikey that. For all Gerard knew, Mikey could have a crush on her too. And he did know that Mikey liked Julie.

“Hey Gerard." Julie said waving, as did Mikey.

"H-Hey, Julie." Gerard said nervously not looking at her.

"Are you okay?" Mikey asked.

"Fine. Just f-fine, man." He said blushing as Julie giggled.

"Okay. Well, Julie's coming over today. So, move it." Mikey said shoving Gerard in the direction of their house.

Oakie dokes. Like it? Hate it? Let me know, please and thank you! I know it's short. So I apologise for that. Till next time my friends.


Lovers xx


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