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All he wanted was a simple kind of life. Suck at summaries please read.

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Chapter One: Surrender

City lights and pretty sights, it was just another glance out the window as the bus strolled along the road. To me it was just a blur. I never got embraced by the intricacy of the city lights; it was just another coming home trip. I sighed as the others, my band mates, pressed their heads against the window as we arrived in one of the biggest city’s in the states; Chicago. So it wasn’t our home, but over the last year it had turned into our home from home. The smells, the sights they were all so familiar, these were the times you’d want to spend with someone but I…I was the only one yet to have this someone.

“Tonight’s gonna be awesome,” I heard Ryan murmur into a skinny blondes ear.

I watched her fingers caress his wavy long hair; his eyes twinkled as she smirked at him seductively. It was sickening watching them all with their long term girlfriends…

“Come on Brendon smile…we got a party tonight,” Spencer smirked from the side of me as he slumped comfortably into the sofa.

“Yeah…” I smiled weakly.

It was funny how some people just looked forward to materialistic things, I, had no trust to believe. Any party, any day, I know I would get layed...half the time I didn’t actually want to, but for the first time in my life I had the power to get any girl I wanted. But it wasn’t any girl I wanted it was someone that would make me breathless, someone that wouldn’t want to be with me because I was some famous guy. Someone that wanted me for the dork that plays way to many video games.

“You know now we’re up here it will be so much easier to get a decent night’s sleep,” I heard Ryan mutter while smirking in my direction.

I felt my lips widen and a small grin form on my face, “And why would that be Ryan?” I asked sarcastically as I knew he was about to mock me.

“Because this bus is very small...and your groans of pleasure aren’t that great to hear at 2am in the morning,” He smirked with a tender laugh as his girlfriend also smiled at me.

“I’m a man with needs,” I smirked with the casual shrug of the shoulders, “Anyway you two aren’t exactly perfect...and Keltie I didn’t know you were such a ...well I didn’t realise you were so feisty.” I laughed while watching a fake glare appear on Ryan’s pale face.

“Shut up Brendon,” Keltie said between gritted teeth, “What you saw-“

“Was what we see with you every day,” Ryan interrupted while placing his sidekick in his pocket, “You could be a little more private?” He added with a sly smirk.

“Yeah and you could get a haircut...let’s face it, it’s not going to happen,” I hit back while collecting my suitcase from my bed.

It was just another conversation, like everyone I had, it would never be serious, but to be fair I never took life seriously. I grabbed my suitcase and my laptop bag as the bus halted outside an apartment building.

“See ya guys,” I muttered as I strolled off the bus.

I sighed and watched as the bus continued on the last legs of its final journey to others houses. I turned around and watched a familiar face appear from the luxury apartment building.

“Brendon…!” He called while pulling me into a hug.

I studied his unchanged figure as he regained his composure and shoved his hands into his dark black jeans. His hair had barely changed apart from the red highlights at the front, and I could tell by the new purple clandestine hoodie his chain was building. He had a hint of arrogance as he stared knowingly at a group of students across the street, his intricate brown eyes absorbed everything, but hey he was Pete.

“Come on we better get you unpacked,” He suggested while grabbing some of my things off me, “We’ve got a party tonight,” He added with a small smile.

“Seriously…?” I asked with a small smirk.


I slowly placed the last of my clothes into the drawer and stared at my room, it had been a while since I’d been at Pete’s apartment. Nothing had changed; the walls were still plastered in pictures of my favourite bands. There was one section that would draw any stray eye; it was the part that contained the pictures of all my friends, memories form the last year, like a biography on my life.

“Come on Brendon people are gonna start arriving in the next twenty minutes,” I heard Pete call from behind the closed door.

“Okay,” I called back while pulling my shirt off my bed and trading it for a red one I had left slumped on the floor.

I slowly did the buttons up while staring at my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t bother changing my skinnys, but I did pull on my black waist coat to make myself look less goofy. I sighed and stared into the mirror, my hair flopped in front of my eyes as I shoved my mp3 player on the side and opened the door to an already busy house.

“Nice to see you finally,” Pete mocked as he greeted me with several girls, “What were you doing in there?” He smirked.

“Well…” I grinned as I knew exactly what he was suggesting.

“Oh where are my manners? Brendon, this is Jessica,” He introduced while pointing at a girl with the most striking green eyes and silky brown hair. “And this delectable beauty is Kauri,” He smirked while wrapping his arm around the other girls waist.

She had striking black hair, and a heavy ring of stormy eyeliner rimming around her eyes. She was very beautiful; a lot like every girl I’d sleep with: covered in make up and fake to the blood.

“Hey,” I said with a casual wave before scanning my eyes across the crowd and searching for Ryan, “I’ll see you guys round,” I muttered while making my way across the floor.

I submerged from the crowd to be greeted by a drink from Ryan, “Hey,” He said while smirking a little.

“Thanks,” I hit back while shooting down some liquor.

“Slow down,” He advised while sipping on his orange juice.

“Oh shut up orange boy,” I mocked while grabbing beer off the side, “Loosen up,” I added while watching his eyes roll.

“Well I don’t need alcohol to ask a girl do,” He hit back while wrapping his arms around Keltie.

“I don’t want to ask a girl out,” I muttered while joining the two of them on the sofa.

I heard Ryan laugh as Keltie played with his ever growing hair, it was sickening. I rolled my eyes and downed the last of my beer while stumbling to my feet.

“Where you going…?” Ryan asked while pulling away from Keltie’s kiss.

“I don’t know, to find someone who isn’t too busy making out to talk?” I stammered sarcastically.

I slowly made my way through the crowd; it was funny how people would congregate in the centre of the room leaving no space to move about. I squeezed past the last person before accidentally knocking into a figure that was Pete.

”Jesus Brendon,” He smirked while passing me a beer, “Lucky I didn’t knock these on anyone,” He said while swigging down some vodka.

“Sorry it’s kinda hard to breathe in here,” I sighed while watching his head nod.

I felt my eyes wonder towards two girls who were sat on one of the sofas drinking gin and tonics.

“That’s Taylor and Elsie, well its Elspeth actually but I’ve always called her that,” He pointed out while placing the empty cup on the side.

“Nice…” I muttered while watching them congregate.

“Close your mouth you’ll catch flies,” Pete laughed while grabbing my arm and pulling me over towards them.

“Shows how dirty this place is to have flies,” I smirked while watching a playful scowl appear on his face.

“Hello Ladies,” He said smoothly while letting go of my arm.

“Hey Pete,” The brunette said with a strong smile, “And hello there,” She smirked while glancing at me.

“Hey,” I said casually while staring into her emerald eyes.

Her brown hair flew just past her lacy shoulder blades, there was no sign of over use of make up she was just naturally pretty.

“Taylor this is Brendon,” Pete introduced while waving his hand towards the brunette, “And Brendon this is Elsie,” He added while pointing at the caramel haired girl.

She carefully look up from her drink and her ocean eyes stared into mine, “Hi,” I smirked as I watched her friends face drop as she could tell I was taking more interest than I should be.

“Taylor…can I talk to you a second?” Pete asked surprisingly nervously.

“Yeah,” She sighed while stumbling to her feet as they walked up the spiral staircase.

“What was that about?” I asked while raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a very long story,” Elspeth sighed while indicating me to sit down.

“Oh another ‘Pete’ story,” I sighed while leaning back into the sofa and slugging down another beer.

“Yeah,” She replied while staring at me.

“You know it’s rude to stare,” I laughed while watching her eyes roll.

“You just look familiar,” She said while tilting her head and letting her curlyish hair flop down the side of her arm.

“Yeah about that I’m in Panic…but that’s not that important is it, I’m cute anyway,” I said while smirking at her, I watched her almost choke on her drink as she laughed slightly.

“You’ve known me what…five minutes and you’re already hitting on me, in fact you don’t even know me and you’re hitting on me,” She smirked while sipping the last of her drink.

“I can read you,” I said smugly as she smiled at me.

“Sure,” She said flirtatiously.

“Of course…you’re a Capricorn, you have a very shy side but you know what you want and you always get what you want. You think your friend is a whore but you’re too nice…you like long walks on the beach, you believe in magic and soul mates, and you fall too easily.” I said seriously while watching her expression puzzle, “Oh and you think I’m cute,” I added with a confident smile

“Are you like some weird stalker?” She asked while lowering her

“No…” I laughed, “I can just read people,” I said seriously while watching her smile strongly at me.

“Right…creepy much…?” She smirked while watching the smile grow on my face. “And for the record I do not think you are cute,” She said firmly.


The doors slam ushered through the room as the bass line echoed through the walls. I pushed her against the wall and tackled her soft lips with mine. I could feel her hands trailing up my shirt as I moved along her soft neck.

“So you actually live here?” She muttered between kisses.

“Yeah,” I smirked while picking her up and moving towards the bed. It was funny how some people gained pleasure…this was just one of them.

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