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Lucky Star

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Lighting Up and Burning Out. My Lucky Star.

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Lucky Star

My eyes slowly slid open as I felt someone stroke my neck; I slowly looked down and glanced at the sleeping beauty I had picked up last night. Her nose crinkled as she gently snored on my shoulder, her face nuzzled further into my neck as I slowly rubbed her bare shoulders. I could sense her awakening as she groaned into my shoulder, her soft voice sending shivers down my spine.

“My head…” I heard her slur hoarsely as her hand trailed over my stomach.

“You were the one that insisted on drinking the last of the vodka,” I smirked while watching her eyes draw up to mine with a playful smile.

“Shut up…” She mumbled while resting her ear on my chest.

”You know you’re not a very good liar,” I taunted while brushing my lips through her hair.

“And why exactly…?” She asked while staring into my eyes.

“Because you obviously do think I’m cute or otherwise you wouldn’t have had sex with me,” I smirked smugly while watching her eyes gently roll.

She slowly glanced at the clock, “Shit,” She cried while jumping out of the bed.

“Oh thanks,” I sighed while watching her hurriedly pull her jeans on.

“Sorry,” She paused while walking over to me and signalling me to do up her bra, “I have to be somewhere…like an hour ago.” She said while pulling her top over her head.

“It’s cold outside…you should borrow one of my hoodies,” I suggested as she tackled her cell off me of which I had just inserted my number.

“Fine if you insist,” She smirked as I passed her my green clandestine one, “Why so generous?” She asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

“Because then you have to see me again,” I replied with a confident smirk.

She returned the smile and in a blink of an eye she’d opened the door and gone. I slowly knelt back into my bed where the sheets lay warm from where she’d lay minutes before. She seemed a lot more secretive this morning than she was last night…I wasn’t even that sure that she knew my name.

“Who was that…?” Pete asked half opening his eyes; he was stood in the frame of my door half dressed.

“Oh…no one,” I said with a strong smirk.

“Obviously to leave a smile like that on your face,” He yawned with a convincing smile while continuing on his way down the hall.

I sighed and buried my head deep into my pillow, I hadn’t noticed before, well I had only just noticed that her smell was still wafting on my pillow. It was like some kind of wild flower you’d find on the hills, soothing but it was sweetly seductive with its captivating scent. I was awakened from this trance with the repetitive ringing coming from my ifone on the table. This made me realise I needed to be somewhere too.


“Extra large mocha…just how you like it,” Hayley announced as I found a seat next to her in our usual coffee shop: Star Bucks.

“Thanks,” I replied half consciously, “Where’s the generosity coming from?” I added while feeling the pain from my head drain a little as more caffeine was released into my system.

“I just haven’t really seen you recently,” She said while trailing her finger around the rim of her coffee cup.

“So was that you’re twin on tour with Spencer…?” I smirked while watching a small smile appear on her fair complexion.

“Yeah well…” She sighed while continuing to stare at the contents of her cup.

I could sense that something was up, the way she flicked her hair to the side of her head was hasty and edgy…like she was nervous to be seen. Her clear eyes were hazy and careful as she watched around the room. It was as if she had a gun to her hair and no one could see.

“What’s wrong Hayles?” I asked sincerely as her eyes started to water as they linked with mine.

“I’ve…” She paused and took a deep breath as her coffee cup trembled between her fingers, “I’ve been getting some weird phone calls…at an exact time…everyday since…since mine and Spencer’s anniversary…I have changed my cell number three times but they keep getting it back, I don’t know what to do Brendon,” She murmured while wiping away the stray tear that had torn from her eyes.

“Does Spencer know…?” I asked seriously.

I stared as she hesitantly shook her head and swigged down a gulp of coffee, her watery eyes stared into mine as I hooked my hand in hers, “Its gonna be okay…I promise I will not let anything happen to you…okay?” I said seriously.

“…Okay,” She said timidly, she slowly uncapped her hand and passed the other coffee cup to a familiar face that had joined us; Spencer.

“Are you okay?” He asked while pulling her closer towards him.

I bit my bottom lip and turned my attention to my sidekick. I had sent two messages in the last ten minutes...both had got through but no reply. Maybe her lacy fingers were rolling over the keypad right now? Thinking of the perfect words to say, just the thought of her hands being anywhere near me again made shivers shoot up my spine. This morning it was like I was holding a delicate petal in my hand, she was perfectly sculpted like a porcelain doll. Like I said maybe she was contemplating to message me back but saying that she also may not.

I heard a small laugh quiver from Hayley’s body as Spencer slowly trailed his fingers over her now dry cheeks.

“Out of interest Brendon...” He paused while placing a firm kiss on Hayley’s cheek, “Why do you have your sidekick strapped to your wrist today?” He asked as I slowly looked up from the screen.

“It’s always strapped to my wrist...” I replied suspiciously, I knew he was implying something but I was never great at getting the right end of things.

“Yeah but...look I don’t wanna insult you by suggesting you picked up a girl last night...but I have this feeling you did, and well you’re not the type that stays in touch with them the day after.” He said seriously.

“I’m actually offended,” I smirked while watching both of their faces light up, “Sometimes people surprise you...and I mean all of you guys have that someone and I don’t...” I stopped...thinking on whether to carry on or not.

“Come on Bren just spit it out...” Hayley said casually as she watched me fidget nervously.

“Well...” I sighed gently while staring at the two of them, “Maybe I’ve found someone that I think I could be in a relationship with...” I said sheepishly, I was not the kind of guy that would blurt out what was on my mind like this.

“Aww go Brendon,” Hayley cooed while Spencer let out a small laugh.

“Yeah...” I mumbled while feeling my cheeks burn, I drew my attention back down to my cell.

I kept looking for reasons on why I had no reply. Maybe it was a bad connection, maybe she was taking a shower, or maybe she just didn’t want to know. I just pray to god it wasn’t that one.


Elspeth’s POV

I stared at the screen, usually blank, showing just a picture of my pet Dalmation; Harley. But no not today, two new messages, I didn’t want to roll my fingertips over the keys, just the thought made my stomach twist. Maybe it was the guilt, I didn’t know for sure who they were off, but I had a feeling...that they were off...him. I wasn’t the type of person to do one-night stands, infact I wasn’t the type of person to even do relationships.

Again, my sidekick buzzed, three new messages, refusing to pick it up, doubt running in my mind, guilt teasing my stomach, and my friend entering the room, my friend entering the room and going for my sidekick.

My friend entering the room and going for my sidekick!

I quickly jumped up off the sofa, but nothing new, I was too late, her gentle fingers had already wrapped around the black device. I watched as her hazel eyes lowered and traced over the words on the screen.

“Elspeth,” She gasped with a strong smirk, “Who have you got tied round your little finger?” She smirked.

“Taylor just give it back,” I sighed while putting up a weak defence.

“Oh my god it’s that guy...the one I liked but you went after,” She paused, “Tyson!” She said finally.

“That is not his name,” I said with the quiet roll of the eyes before grabbing the device out of her hands and scrolling through the messages.

The final one clicked with me, the words so thoughtful, I’d never imagined him to say something like that.

Heylo there,
For the record if you don’t think I’m cute, well I for sure think you are.
I want need to see you again, you remind me of a field of flowers, so easy to get lost in. I have I feeling that I’m going to get lost in you...if you would let me...that is?

“That last one was something, eh?” Taylor smirked while gently nudging my side.

I gently sighed and collapsed onto the sofa; I watched her hazel eyes lower and trail over my body.

“You don’t agree?” She asked almost heartbreakingly.

“I don’t know,” I muttered as Harley jumped onto the sofa next to me.

I rolled my fingers through his fur and shut my eyes, I pictured last night, after. Sure I was drunk but he was so perfect, his face perfectly sculpted, so definitive. Being so close to someone so good looking was not a usual thing for me.

“Give me your sidekick,” Taylor demanded as I half opened one eye.

“Excuse me?” I asked while blinking in astonishment.

“Elspeth...please can I have your sidekick? Like now?” She smirked while fluttering her eyelids.

I sighed irritably while half-heartedly passing her my sidekick. I watched as she gently tapped a few of the keys before placing it to her ear.

“What are you doing?” I muttered hastily while feeling my stomach twist more than it ever had.

“You a big favour,” She whispered with a small smirk.

“Taylor...” I groaned while slouching deeper into the chair, hoping it would swallow me up and then maybe I could cut this all out.

“Hello,” She said openly down the phone.

“Hey there...I see you decided to get back to me,” I heard the other voice greet down the other end of the phone.

“Yeah see Elspeth is in the...err...shower at the moment but she asked me to ask you if you wanted to pop round?” She mumbled hastily.

As soon as those words seeped out of her mouth I slapped my hand straight onto my forehead awakening my sleeping puppy that was lay snug on my lap.

“Okay...and who exactly is this?” He asked sounding slightly confused.

“Taylor, but that’s not relevant just come to 133 Hampton know the private road near the lake?” She ordered.

“Yeah I know the place...” He muttered, “She’s a cappuccino person right?” He added, I could just picture the smile on his face.

“You really are good at reading people,”

“Yeah so I’ve been told...I’ll be around in about an hour so yeah...bye,” He stuttered before hanging up.

“You don’t have to thank me,” She smirked while throwing the sidekick on the chair next to me and fleeing the room.

Although she had gone I could sense someone eyes staring at me, I slowly looked down and stroked Harvey on his soft head. “Maybe it won’t be that” I didn’t expect a response as it was just a dog but a wag of the tail was good enough for me.

Maybe it won’t be that bad.

Maybe this turn my lucky star won’t burn out.

Thank you for all the sweet reviews. And same as last time two reviews for the next chap to appear. Btw 'Lucky star' by Elliot Minor reflects on this chapter check them out :)
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