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There's No 'I' In Team

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Best friend means pull the trigger

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Elspeth’s POV

It had been fifteen minutes; fifteen minutes since I had, well, Taylor had called Brendon. I hadn’t moved, supposedly hoping that the chair would suck me up. How naive. I gently pulled a blue lead out of my pocket and attached it to Harley’s collar. He hastily yapped with excitement as I checked myself over in the mirror. I gently rolled my fingers through my caramel blonde hair before being pulled out the door by an over excited puppy. I sighed as he pulled me towards the woods that took up half of the garden. I loved this house, the garden...everything. You see when I was growing up I was schooled in York, England, expensive of course but my parents had the cash to splash around. But you can’t buy friends. At school I had few, I knew I was shy and I carried the count of only one boyfriend throughout high school, it really sucked. Taylor was probably the only person who knew me, she shared this house with me, we didn’t pay rent as my parents paid for everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. As Harley pulled me closer towards the woods I stopped him before taking off his collar.

“Go have fun,” I murmured while watching him run into the depths of the woods.

God only knew how he entertained himself in there. I sighed and shoved my hands into the warm pockets of Brendon’s clandestine hoodie. It was a little big for me but in pro it meant it kept more heat, I liked the way it smelt of him. I found a spot on the grass verge opposite the lake, it was late afternoon now so the sun wasn’t so bright, and it was perfect. I could hear footsteps trailing up the path behind me, the gentle crunch of the gravel beneath the thud of feet.

“Hey there,” I heard a deep voice call from behind.

I turned around and stared at his beaming face, in his hands were two coffee cups, “You’re a cappuccino person right?” He asked while sitting down next to me.

“Yeah...” I smiled while feeling slightly nervous all of a sudden, “You really are good at reading people,” I added while inhaling the sweet coffee scent.

“So I’ve been told by a many a people,” He smirked while shining his pearly whites slightly.

He looked different today, his hair wasn’t so messy, it flopped straight above his chocolate brown eyes, and I had no idea why I was dreading this.

“You have a very big house,” He muttered while turning round slightly to see the building.

“It’s not really mine more...more my parents,” I said openly while feeling his thighs brush against mine.

“It’s still pretty cool regardless whether you own it or not,” He replied while tilting his head to the side.

“Thanks,” I replied with a strong smirk, I watched as he lowered his eyebrows and nervously stared into my eyes, “That message you sent me was really sweet,” I said openly while watching his cheeks burn a little.

“It took me a while to think up in all honesty,” He replied with a genuine smile while sipping on his coffee.

“What you drinking?” I asked as a small smile formed on his face.

“A concoction of mine...Mocha and vodka,” He smirked while watching my eyes roll.

“Brendon that’s disgusting,” I snarled while watching a laugh form from his perfectly sculpted composure.

“Nah I disagree,” He paused while taking another swig, “For the record it makes me that is, not alcohol...alcohol just makes me better looking, of course you would know,” He added while raising his eyebrows with a confident smile.

“Shut up,” I laughed while glancing again into his ever so attractive eyes.

The laughter was broken by Harley, who was running across the land in front of us and jumping into the...the lake.

“Harley no...!” I cried as his tiny body hit the ice cold water, “Stupid dog,” I groaned while walking down the grass verge.

I watched the puppy jump out the water to greet me at the edge and before I knew it he was jumping up at my legs and I was in there. My head resurfaced from the water and I watched as Brendon jumped in after me.

“Its...fucking...cold...” He stammered as he grabbed hold of my waist.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as the coldness hit my nerve system.

“,” He paused and controlled his breathing, “How am I supposed to know...if you can swim?” He said finally while hooking his arms firmly around me to support me in the water.

“This is not the first time Harley has done me,” I smirked while turning my head slightly to face him, I felt his lips accidently brush against mine, warm and comforting, it totally took my mind off the water.

I took my head away slightly and stared into his oaky eyes, I could see his lips gaining towards mine...but again that dog had to ruin it. He yapped from the side of the lake, I glanced up at the sky and saw the sun setting over the horizon, “We should get inside,” I said hesitantly.

“Yeah...” He sighed as I watched goose-pimples form on his arms.


The house was quiet as I made myself comfortable on the sofa, my coffee was cold, but at least I wasn’t anymore. As soon as I and Brendon had got out of the water I’d showered and he was just finishing up stairs. I scowled at Harley who had just made himself comfortable in his basket opposite the open log fire, I slowly shut my eyes for a second and when I reopened them Brendon was stood in the doorframe with a towel running through his hair.

“Are you sure it’s okay to wear these clothes?” He asked while pointing to the black and white shirt and skinny jeans I’d given him.

“Its fine,” I said half consciously, “There...well they used to belong to this guy I knew...if he wanted them he would of got them by now,” I added while half opening my eyes.

“Oh okay,” He said simply while jumping on the sofa next to me.

His scent wafted up my nostrils as he shuffled closer towards me.

“You know...” He paused while lying down next to me on the sofa, “Your friend Taylor is a little...well, strange,” He smirked while glancing into my eyes.

“Oh yeah...and annoying as hell...but...I still love her to bits,” I returned the smile.

“I’m gonna get going,” He sighed while leaning forward.

“Brendon...” I murmured while grabbing his arm and pulling him back down towards the sofa, “It’s like eleven and your house is ages away...I don’t mind if you stay,” I mumbled while watching his face light up.

He slowly snaked his arm around my back as I made myself comfortable closely next to him. I closed my eyes shut as I rolled my hand in a trance over the lower of his chest; his hot breath hit my ear as he brushed his lips through my hair.

“You didn’t want to see me again did you?”He murmured in my ear.

I gently opened my eyes and his were shut firmly.

“I don’t know what I want Brendon...but sometimes people surprise you,” I whispered while watching a small smile appear on his face.

“Well that’s a start,” He murmured while burying his head in my neck, I yawned while slowly closing my eyes.

I felt his hands trace over mine, pulling them into his gentle chest. I felt his fingers’ roll over my skin; they stopped as they met the ridged scar just above my elbow. I felt my stomach roll, memories flood back, stupid notes from the past causing false least I thought. I felt his grip around me tighten as his gentle hands rested on my waist like two doves. He’d felt my past.

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