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The Liar Is You

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He is very persistant but yet she is very reluctant. R AND R XD

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Chapter four: The liar is you

Elspeth’s POV

“Eyes,” She muttered in the background as I rolled my fingers around the rim of my coffee cup, “I read in an article somewhere...that he likes eyes...not boobs...eyes,” She muttered again.

“ many times,” I sighed while sipping on my coffee.

“Yes I know...but it’s just you don’t find many guys like that,” She explained while taking a swig from her latté.

I mouthed a whisper of; ‘yeah’ I was generally tired of her going on about him, him being Brendon. I hated it when people butted into issues that really have nothing to do with them, besides I had more things to think about, her just adding to the pile. It had been about two weeks since I had seen him, he’d called; left me messages and I had exchanged them all with excuses. I did feel slightly bad. I still hadn’t forgotten the reaction he had when he felt the marks upon my arm, it was like broken glass to me. I sighed and pulled my sleeves further towards my fingers, feeling its soft texture over their skeleton shape.

“I’m going to the bathroom...not that you care,” Taylor groaned, before I could reply to that snide comment all that was left of her presence was an empty coffee cup.

Again I traced back to my thoughts that were currently blistering my mindset.

“Mocha Ryan...Mocha,” I heard a familiar voice air in the background.

“Yeah you said, like twenty-eight times,” The other voice replied.

“Shut up...hold on a sec,” He murmured, “Elspeth...?” He asked as I felt a hand splinter my left shoulder.

My hazy eyes stared up into the warmth of his, “Brendon,” I murmured while forcing a gentle smile from my careful frame.

I glanced as he slouched next to me on the sofa where Taylor had once been before. I felt his thighs brush against mine as he flicked his ever-so-growing chocolate hair out of his eyes.

“Long time no see,” He smirked as I finished the contents of my coffee cup.

“Yeah...” I murmured while watching his careful eyebrows lower.

His bottom lip gently quivered, like a plush cushion he bit it while letting his fragile hazel eyes melt into mine, “You’ve been avoiding me...-“

“I thought we were going to subway...?” A brown hair boy asked as he walked over to us with two coffee cups in hand.

I watched his smile widen as Brendon’s cheeks glowed a crimson red, “Oh so who’s this then...?”

“Oh...err...Ryan this is Elspeth...Elspeth this is Ryan,” Brendon stuttered while staring at his shoes.

“Thought so,” Ryan and I said in unison, I heard a small laugh form from Ryan’s skinny body.

His hair was a perfect toffee brown which flopped just above his careful eyes, he was a cute kid.

“So subway...?” He asked while tapping Brendon’s leg with his foot.

“Yeah...” He replied while almost jumping slightly, “Wanna come with...?” He added while letting his eyes melt into mine yet again.

I paused for a second, the millions of pixels that had somehow managed to flood into mine again seemed to fill the cracks in my broken thoughts. If I said no, then he would think I had been avoiding him but then-

“Elspeth...?” He asked again with a small smile.

“I guess,” I smiled while glancing at Ryan who seemed to have a mischievous smile plastered onto his character.

The wind blew hard onto my back as we left the coffee shop; a bitter cold seemed to have a tense grasp on Chicago, the sky was a smoggy grey to match the icy sidewalk. I watched Ryan walk on ahead while Brendon gentled his stride down, his hands shoved in his pockets as his pacing timed in harmony with mine.

“I’ll go in,” Ryan suggested as we approached the entrance to the shop.

“Okay...want anything?” Brendon asked while turning to me.

“I’m okay,” I smiled while watching a smirk form across his cushion lips.

“Two subs of the day,” He smiled as Ryan gave him thumbs up.

I gently rolled my eyes as Brendon laughed slightly, “I’m buying so yeah,” He smiled while twitching on his feet.

“Still...” I murmured while feeling a chill shatter through my body.

He bit his bottom lip again; he had an annoying tendency of being slightly good looking. His chocolate eyes glanced into mine again this time they were nervous and edgy but still just as dark and seductive.

“Are you...avoiding me...?” He asked nervously, it was the only ever time he had been nervous around me.

“I...” I paused and thought for a second, a habit that seemed to be a reoccurring routine, “’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just the other day when you felt my arm-“

“Wait, wait, wait,” He smirked while letting his cheesy grin engulf his lips, “You like me...?” He smiled with almost a hint of smugness.

I sighed and rolled my fingers nervously though my hair, I had no idea to explain anything poison blankness had replaced the broken glass inside the eyes of my mind.

“Foods up,” Ryan declared as he waved two bags in our faces.

“Oh my god I love you right now,” I sighed while getting an odd look off Brendon, “What...? I’m hungry,” I smirked trying to hide the fact that Ryan had saved the scene for a moment there in certain retrospects anyway.

“How about we go back to my place...?” Brendon suggested, “Its freezing.” He added while tossing his hood over his silky hair.

“Sure,” Ryan shrugged while taking a deep bite from his sandwich.

I felt Brendon’s chocolate eyes melting upon me as we walked up the street he was distant, maybe not more so in physical form as he was practically grabbing my hand in his, but I could stench the splintering truth lingering in the air.

Sorry About The Delay And Shortness I'm Finally In The Right Mindset To Write So Expect Regular Updates. Reviews Are Welcome (HInt Hint) And Thanks For All The Support So Far :)
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