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And I Need Your Sway. REVIEW!? :)

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Chapter Five: Sway

Elspeth’s POV

“Ice storm...that’s not great,” Ryan groaned from the lounge. I followed the sound of his whining to reveal him slumped out on Brendon’s sofa stuffing his face with ice cream.

“I should get going then,” I sighed from the door frame.

I gently watched Brendon’s hazel eyes glance into mine from the floor where he was lay, it was still us three it had been all afternoon. I’d lost track of Taylor since we’d left the coffee shop everything was vague.

“You can’t go,” Ryan pouted while wiping the ice cream from round his porcelain lips.

“I have to...I need to look after Harley,” I said softly while imaging my beautiful Dalmation puppy in my mind.

“We can go get him,” Brendon suggested while jumping to his feet, “I can walk over with you,” He added with a small smile.

“You don’t have to do that-“I started but was cut off by an ever so annoying Ryan.

“He does there’s an ice storm on its way,” He said with a beaming smile, he had a weird behaviour like this to just butt in...

“Fine ‘he’ll’ come with you,” He smirked while placing his jacket around him; he smiled softly while placing his hand on the small of my back and ushering me out of the room.

His touch still burned off my skin as we walked down the sidewalk, his lips had continued to retain in their pastel position as he occasionally glanced at me.

“Brendon...” I started as he smiled softly at me letting his chocolate eyes melt into mine.

“Elspeth...” He smirked as we walked up the gates to my drive, I couldn’t help but smile back.

Yes recently I had been avoiding him, but when I was with him he made every crack in my heart fill up, it was weird, eerie even...why? Because...I liked it...

“I don’t get just, persevere no matter what...” I said frankly as I opened the door to my house.

“Yeah...I guess it’s in my character,” He said almost nervously, “I’m not like Ryan...he’s not that took him ages to ask Keltie out, but me I don’t know I guess I’m different to most guys,” He muttered while passing me Harleys leash.

I felt his hand brush against mine; its softness glowed off my skin as he smiled gently at me.

“You haven’t actually asked me out though,” I smirked while grabbing my bag off the sofa.

“No...?” He asked while rising and eyebrow.

“Uh huh,” I smirked while watching his eyes light up.

He smiled as I rolled my fingers through Harley’s fur and placed the leash firmly on his collar.

“Well to be never say a lot of things or at least when you do someone butts in and the conversation ends there,” He sighed honestly while stepping the gap of a few inches to waists brushing.

“Well to avoid more...well buts...wanna head back to yours?” I asked while feeling a cold sweat rush through my body.

“Okay,” He shrugged while gently biting his bottom lip.

It was cute, really cute how all of Brendon’s friends seemed to love my puppy. I watched him on the other hand stand on the door frame with a simple smile on his face staring at Spencer and Hayley make a fuss over the spotted dog.

“Elspeth your dog is so cute,” Hayley commented with a large smile which in the past hour I had known her had been plastered onto her ruby lips.

Spencer in unison was happy a plain smile was wiped across his face but yet a glance into his eyes shows the gregarious beauty he sees in his stunning girlfriend. I felt someone’s hand trail around my shoulder blades, my eyes darted to the side of me to reveal a smiling Brendon sat closely next to me on the sofa. I watched the satin smile disappear as his hand moved to the small of my back, I glanced at Hayley and Spencer who exchanged quick stolen glances, funny how his smile was wiped clean and replaced with that usual bitten lip.

“So...what are you guys doing here?” Brendon asked with a scent of bitterness in his tone.

“Ryan said to come over...anyway storms are better shared with friends,” Spencer smiled while rolling his fingers through his mousy hair.

“Yeah...” I heard Brendon murmur I felt his lips gently brush against my ear, “Can we go talk...?” He whispered letting his hot breath flow into my ear.

“So how long have you two been-“

“We’re not,” I murmured while glancing into Brendon’s ever so heavy eyes.

“Oh...weird Bren’s always talking about you,” Spencer replied with a devilish smile.

“Yeah funny that...shut up Spencer,” He sighed while jumping to his feet and walking out of the room.

“He does...?” I asked to easen the awkwardness.

“Oh yeah...well at least he mentions you, but he’s not the kind of guy to open up about how he’s feeling, he hates commitment and shit,” Spencer said openly while gently a gentle tap on the chest from Hayley.

“He doesn’t hate commitment...he just finds it hard to well commit to it,” She smiled while nodding her head slightly, “But I know he really likes you,” She added with a genuine grin.

I nodded and slowly rose to my feet, “I’m gonna go see if he’s alright...keep an eye on Harley for me,” I said slowly while striking out of the room. I sighed and slowly walked down the corridor and caught totally off guard I felt someone gently place their hands around me and pull me into a room. My eyes glanced into his, my heart skipped a little faster as his hand ran over my waist.

“No more interruptions,” He murmured, he was practically whispering but it was music to my ears.

“Not my fault Spencer’s an ass,” I smirked while watching his gentle head nod slightly.

“Ah’s also not my fault you think I’m cute and that you like me,” He smirked with a sly roll of the tongue.

“And where exactly did you get that from...?” I smirked while watching his teeth gleam at me.

Before I knew it his lips were locked onto mine and weirdly enough I was kissing him back. They were like two feathered cushions plush and soft, like velvet his tongue gently met mine as his lacy fingers rolled over my waist. I felt my body rock back onto the door as the kiss became more intense, his tongue slowed and played with mine like rose petals, I couldn’t help but smile mid-kiss and at one point his lips met my teeth, all I got was a soft laugh from his beautiful composure.

His lips broke away and his eyes melted into mine, “Elspeth...” He mouthed while locking the stare in deeper.

“Maybe I do like you Mr Urie,” I smiled while watching his smile grow wider.

“Yeah I might have noticed that,” He smiled while rolling his fingers over my silky fringe.

I watched his lips gently come closer to mine and heck I would have kissed him if there wasn’t a knock at the door. He gently pulled me away over to the bed and cleared his throat with a simple cough, “Yes...?”

“Do you reckon if Pete will mind us using his room...?” Spencer asked while popping his head round the door.

“No...But Ryan and Keltie are in unless you were willing-“

“We’re absolutely fine,” Spencer hit back instantly as a strong smirk grew on Brendon’s face. The doors closure echoed throughout the room, just a dim light hovering over the items that were Brendon’s room.

“I shouldn’t have told him that Ryan and Keltie were in Pete’s room now that would have been funny,” Brendon smirked while shuffling a little closer towards me.

“Oh yeah,” I laughed while gently resting my head on his shoulder; I felt his arm snake around my back as his lips brushed through my hair. I looked up into his hazel eyes and watched his lips gain closer to mine with in unison with the touch the lights went out, just perfect.

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