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Promise to me. Please.

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A.N= Hey! Sorry i havent updated in ages, but ive been busy with going back and forth the hospital, Homework, training nd everything else. I hope this story is still worth your time, if not i would appreciate if somebody told me so.

The journey to the hospital went by in a flash red lights and car headlights. Frank’s head lolled over his shoulder as he shivered. Gerard was well over the speed limit, his knuckles chalk white and his face ever more so. He had to get to the hospital now, before it was too late.
At the hospital, Gerard didn’t even bother to park his car, he left it by the emergency door and carried Frank’s limp body out of the passenger seat and into the waiting room, where he was immediately lumbered off by a burly doctor to be attended to.
“Will he be ok??” Gerard asked anxiously, his hand rifling through his black tangle of hair .
“We’ll see…” Replied one of the doctors honestly, “We would suggest you wait out here though, sir. Let us do our work.” He finished and rushed into the direction of the doctor that had carried Frank away.
Gerard spent the night at the hospital, just like he had those many months ago, he phoned the band, all of which were devastated, yet again, by Frank’s poor health.
As Gerard sat in the waiting room, the gruesome image flashed through his mind, the blood over the floor, the glass, the alcohol. Had it all been an accident?? Had Frank wanted to hurt himself??
No way! Frank wouldn’t do something like that! Or Would he….?
Gerard’s mind was flooded with regret, Why did he leave Frank alone?? If He’d have been there…… If he could have stopped Frank…..
What if….
He shuddered as he thought of the possibilities…. What if he had stayed out for a bit longer??
Losing Frank would be worse than losing his own life. Frank was his life, he loved Frank. Sitting in this familiar hospital brought back so many bad memories… He choked back a sob and wrapped his arms around his knees and clutched himself.
Why would Frank do something like that?? Gerard had never know a mirror to just explode on someone, who just so happened to be holding a bottle of Vodka…
Where had he got the Vodka from in the first place??
There was only one person who held all the answers….
Gerard walked into Frank’s hospital room after getting the all clear from the doctors. He tip-toed over to his bedside and stroked his hair, stuck to the side of his face. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful…
His face had returned to its natural colour and he looked like the Frank that Gerard knew, the one he loved. His heavily bandaged arms lay by his side.
Gerard could have stood there for an eternity, just watching over Frank, knowing he was safe, alive. Then, suddenly, Frank’s eyes wrenched open and he looked around, startled.
“Ugghhh… W-where am-m I, Wh-what’s g-going on?” He stuttered, attempting to rub his eyes with his thick arms.
“Babe, Your in hospital again.” Gerard soothed, barely a whisper “You did something really stupid last night, do you remember??”
Frank screwed his eyes up in thought, then widened them in remembrance.
“Oh, Gee…. I’m sorry!” He cried tears threateningly building up, “I’m sorry I got blood on your bathroom floor, and I’m sorry I broke your mirror, and I’m sor-“
“Woah! Frankie, babe, I don’t care about my floor, or my mirror, I care about you! I was so worried!”
Frank looked up to see pure concern in Gerard’s eyes.
“Why’d you do it Frank?? Why did you get Drunk?? Why did you cut yourself?” Gerard asked, pleadingly.
Franks eyes widened in shock. “C-cut Myself?? I didn’t mean to! It wasn’t on purpose. I s-swear!” He insisted, choking back tears, “I w-was just ups-set, because I couldn’t play my Guitar, I’m a failure to the b-band! I smashed it up, then I got angry at myself. So I went into the bathroom, and I just saw myself, such a helpless little shit…. I just lashed out! I was a b-bit drunk and-“
“-Hang on!” Gerard interrupted, “How did you get the Vodka??”
Frank bowed his head in shame, “Uhhm… I found some… In your room… I was surprised, actually…”
Gerard let out a gasp. He hadn’t remembered the bottle, the one which he had taken secret swigs from daily, the one he shouldn’t have had, one of many he shouldn’t have had…. He had been a recovering alcoholic for the last 3 years, Hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol within that time, but recently, just having that little bit would calm him, relieve the pressure of coping with his life..
“F-frank, I’m sorry, I j-just needed some.. Sometimes….” He attempted to explain.
“B-because of me…” Frank said, bitterness tainting his lips.
“No way Frank!” Gerard insisted, “Not because of you! You’re the thing that keeps me going! I love you!”
“Oh yeah??” Frank snapped, “Then how come you’re too ashamed to even tell the other guys about us??”
“Oh… Frank, I’m not ashamed. Not one bit! I just didn’t want to rush into anything. You mean everything to me. /Everything./”
Frank’s face softened as Gerard reached out and placed a hand upon his bandages.
‘Promise me, Frank, That you’ll never do something like this again?? Please??”
“I promise, Gee.” He replied, as Gerard leaned in for a kiss, as their lips touched, it felt as though a bolt of electricity had been set aflame in Gerard’s heart, he soared, higher than he could ever go with some cheap drugs in a run-down bar. That kiss could have lasted forever, He and Frank, trapped in a bubble of happiness and rainbows and all things corny, until-
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