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Those, My Friend, Are NOT Natural Man Breasts....

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Some More comedy! Is it difficult to follow? I was feeling Random! Thanks SO MUCH for the Reviews! Becasue i had so many nice ones im posting a new chap, ENJOY!

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That Day passed by in a haze of Hugs and Confessions. Gerard Confessed his secret swigs, much to the surprise of the rest of the band,
“B-but, G-gee??” Came the concerned squeak of his little brother, “You Can’t go through that again….”
“Don’t worry, Mikes.” Gerard replied softly, “Its not like it was before, I’m stronger now. I don’t need it anymore.
Also, after strict interrogation, Frank assured everyone that he want going to strike up a secret affair with a razorblade, and that he was in fact “Okay.”
And of course, the question that was bound to be struck in conversation sooner or later..
“So..” Bob coughed, finally building up the courage to ask the inevitable question, “You guys are….”
“Yea, Bob.” Gerard shot a smile at Frank, who had given him a You-don’t-have-to-say-if-you-don’t-want-to look. “Me and Frank are dating, and we are in love.” He confirmed, with congratulations all around from the rest of the band members. He could see that Frank was now truly happy that the rest of the band knew about their relationship.
The Doctors said Frankie was well enough to leave their watchful eyes, and Gerard wheeled Frank out of the hospital yet again. In The car, Frank laced his fingers in-between Gerard’s on his spare hand un-occupied by the steering wheel.
“Thanks Gee.”
Gerard glanced over at his /lover/. That word replayed itself in his head, to him the sensation it left was sweeter than anything else that ever had been, or ever would be.
“I Love you, Frankie” He said, before averting his gaze back to the road, although, if he had crashed and died at that very moment, he would have still been the happiest man alive, because he would have been beside the person he never wanted to leave.
“Love you too, Gee.” Frank beamed, then rested his head against the window, and dozed smoothly for the majority of the ride home. The rest of the band had decided to come back to Gerard’s house, they were following behind in Ray’s car.
At his home, they hung out, like they always did, not affected by the magical “Frerard” that had been established. It was a great night, they all celebrated with drinks (Lemonade and Orange juice – obviously, what else would a rock band drink??) Laughed about what had happened on their last tour,
“I soooo can’t remember falling into the drum kit!” Insisted Mikey defensively.
“Yeah?? Well we sure as hell all do!” Bob insisted, with a small gigglesnort.
“Tell ‘em, Gee” Mikey whined, in a tone Gerard hadn’t heard since the days when Mikey had returned home from school, glasses askew, and hair wet with toilet water.
Gerard Sighed in Mock annoyance, and looked over to Bob, who wore an angelic (as if) expression on his Face.
“Mikey, I can’t shout at Bob! He’s like the younger Brother I never had!” Gerard gained a roar of laughter from the other guys.
“But…..” Mikey began, then realized what his brother had just said. “Hey!! What about me? I’m your brother!”
“Oh Yea, Mom forgot to tell you, You’re real name is Michelle, and those/.” Gerard continued, pointing at Mikey’s chest, “Are /not natural man breasts….”
The conversation continued from that point with Mikey insisting that he had a flat chest, and eventually forcing Gerard to agree that, in fact, Mikey was a male, and that his chest was of an average size.
Basically, the conversations all consisted of general jokes and great memories.
For a while, Frank had needed to ask Gerard something, he needed to ask him now though, it was becoming to much for him to hold in.
“Hey, Gee.” He said, tapping his partners shoulder, Gerard turned to look at Frank and nodded to show he was listening. “I need a wee.” Frank said simply, like a small child. The problem was, the bathroom was upstairs and he wasn’t sure if it was in a condition to serve it’s purpose, after what had happened the night before.
Gerard suppressed a giggle, and excused him and Frank whilst pushing Frank out of the room and towards the kitchen.
“Hey, Guys.” Bob called before the two other men were out of sight, “No naughty stuff out there! I would quite like to keep my mental stability!”
“Bob, I’m not promising anything!” Gerard replied, his eyes raised before he and Frank disappeared into the kitchen.
“What are we gonna do, Gee?” Frank asked innocently.
Gerard picked up a glass from the counter next to the sink and passed it to Frank, who immediately realized Gerard’s plan and commenced in standing up and urinating in the glass, Gerard, unsure of what to do, looked away to respect his friends privacy. Once the glass was almost full, Gerard added some Orange juice to the mixture. They wheeled back into the front room, leaving the glass back in the kitchen, for a poor unsuspecting person to pick up and drink from, confusing it for some orange juice.
As the two entered the room, they had an immediate feeling that their friends had been talking about something, and had stopped suddenly. Hiding something….
“What was that all about?” Gerard demanded, feeling Frankie become increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.
Ray sighed and piped up. “Well, their gonna have to face facts sooner or later.” He stated, earning nods of agreement from Mikey and Bob. “We have to go back on tour soon” Ray continued, “We’ve had a break for about half a year, the fans deserve to see us again.”
“Yea, they deserve to see Frankie, too, Healthy Frankie. We can’t rush things you know!!” Argued Gerard, annoyance piercing his tone.
“Yes, I know, but-” Ray began, before Frank interrupted him.
“-Guys, maybe it is about time you toured again” Frank smiled, but everyone could see it was taking all his strength not to cry, Ray’s jaw dropped in shock, “I can go live with my Mom for a bit, as long as you guys call-”
“-No! No way! I didn’t mean that.” Insisted Ray, “I meant You come on tour with us, Frank. For a while someone can fill in, and you can stay backstage, but eventually, you’ll definitely be back where you belong – on stage. I could help you learn the songs again, we can practice whenever you want, just call.”
Frank’s eyes brightened, “R-really?? I can tour again??” He beamed, and looked at Gerard, who smiled back, Gerard knew that all Frank wanted to do was to tour again, maybe this was the best option after all. The only reason he had been worried was that Frank would rush into things too fast, effecting his health, which was much more important than ever doing another show again. Well, in Gerard’s eyes it was, anyway....
“Well, Okay then” Gerard crumbled under Frank’s happy expression, “Maybe we’ll tour soon, lets talk about it tomorrow.” Gerard had attempted to still sound like he hadn’t been convinced, but the band knew that Gerard was softer than a puppy.
After an exchange of hugs and smiles, and more story telling and laughs. Ray stood up and went out to the kitchen, retrieving a glass of orange juice and bringing it back in to the front room. Gerard just sat there, grinning like a Cheshire cat. At first Frank was confused, as his partner smiled like a lunatic. Then realization dawned on him as Ray pressed the glass to his lips and began to tilt the glass back, unaware that there wasn’t only orange juice about to enter his system.
“Ray, Noooooooo!” Frank cried, just milliseconds too late…..
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